Trick by Pedro Morillo
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Trick by Pedro Morillo (25.00)

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"Killer Ending! I can't wait to try Reshuffled on my clients" Paul Gertner
"Pedro's effect is the best handling of Paul Gertner's classic and so clean it would fool anyone." R. Paul Wilson

Every once in a while, you see an effect that is so astounding that you just can’t get it out of your head. “Reshuffled” is, for us, that kind of trick. We saw it at the home of Juan Tamariz, when Pedro Morillo, his close friend, was asked to “do the thing.” This “thing” was so stunning, so memorable, that we never forgot it. In fact, we pursued releasing it, and that day is here.

It’s quite easy to visualize. It is, mostly, Paul Gertner’s wonderful, classic, and perfect effect, “Unshuffled” (which in turn is based on a Michael S. Ewer trick). But the new ending takes this amazing trick to soaring new heights.

You display a deck with strange markings on the edges. A card is selected in the freest possible manner, and then, through a series of shuffles, the markings on the edges of the cards align to spell the word “Unshuffled.” It is as if you are unshuffling the deck of cards. True to form, every card in the deck is now shown to BE IN ORDER. You really have unshuffled the deck. Then, you cause the markings on the side of the card to visually rearrange themselves to spell the name of the selection. That is the fabulous “Unshuffled” routine, and where it ended originally. In this version, you spread the deck one last time to show that now EVERY CARD IN THE DECK HAS CHANGED INTO THE SELECTION.

Some things to consider: we love this routine because carrying “Unshuffled” always necessitated carrying a deck devoted to just this trick. So, why not add some special features into the deck that will allow you to force the card in the freest possible manner, and end with an all-as-one ending? Now you can.

The faro shuffle is usually required to perform “Reshuffled,” and that is how we perform it. However, a non-faro, totally self-working method is also included, created by Maestro Juan Tamariz.

You receive the special “Reshuffled” deck and a complete video tutorial with instructions on every phase of the routine, including Juan Tamariz's non-faro handling.


Customer reviews for Reshuffled


Brian E

Let me say that this is a killer of a card trick. To me it's a perfect closer to alternate in your sets because of the kicker ending. I haven't worked it yet because the way you see it in the trailer requires a number of perfect farro shuffles, and I'm not proficient in the farro yet. They offer an easier alternative that Juan Tamariz offers which is nice but it's not as streamlined due to the way the writing visually changes after each shuffle in the main handling. It is still great and I will resort to this handling but I think spectators will be more amazed watching the words change 3 times after each shuffle. So if you can farro, you will love it and to be honest aside from the farros, it's self working. The changing of the deck to all kings at the end is a layman frier, I would recommend a deck switch if you are concerned about specs wanting to look at it, as it's not examinable but I don't feel it's 100 % necessary. My deck is stiff and difficult to farro but some magicians on the magic cafe recommended springing and riffle shuffling a few times to break it in. I got this on Black Friday for a ridiculous price of $5 but I'd still pay the reg price, just know that the farro version is the most visual. All in all I highly recommend reshuffled!!



Great. Can be done with or without a faro shuffle in performance.



Great effect! It's very powerful.A few notes:You'll need to write on the deck yourself.It does take a bit of set up.A Faro shuffle is strongly advised!( I partially warped my deck by trying to learn the Faro, so I'd advise practicing with a regular deck first.)Great product otherwise.



Great deck trick, with a killer ending, it would of been usefull if they had provided the gaff mirrored card, and a deck set up viewing card, so you wouldn't have to go back to the video, to find out, just usefull bits to point out, plus I found through out different parts of the video very distracting, trying to understand the broken english, especially around the alternative handaling of the deck, the playing cards provided are not that good as in, they are a rough cut deck, this deck. snt any good for doing farro shuffles, either, plus it stated alternative handaling without doing farro shuffles, but this is not true, you do have to use the farro shuffle once in the easier version, but still a good card trick.



If you know how to Faro Shuffle- you definitely need to get this trick and include the effect in your arsenal of miracles. If you don't yet know how to Faro, this trick will give you an incentive to learn how. Multiple climaxes (and who doesn't like that?) with a jaw dropping ending. Thanks!!!!!!



Good effect and variation of Paul's effect.



this is why I give it three stars It is harder to learn a card trick, They should have someone who can understand how to use English to explain, his English is hard to make out.



This an nice dream to work with ! It close up. And super for all the family members to talk about with there friends ! Freedom time for your pack of to reset it self , dream about doing Nothing ! enjoy your shuffles. In way that is cool effect that is nice. In your close act!


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  • Steve asks: Does the deck come marked on the sides with reshuffled and also the name of the card?

    • 1. Jim answers: The gimmick comes unmarked, so you can customize it. You supply your own deck.
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  • Madiyar asks: Will it work in any languages?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes. You write the words, so you can choose the language. Math will handle the letter distribution during the shuffles.
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  • Bennie asks: Is this a unique deck "configuration" or does this deck have a name and/or origin? Was wondering if it is/cn be printed with different force cards?

    • 1. Jim answers: It comes blank. You can write your own choices on it.
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