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Magic download (video) by Ben Williams (19.95)

Rings - magic
Rings Rings

An impossible signed linking card routine where your participants are left with a one-of-a-kind souvenir they'll cherish forever. "Rings" by Ben Williams is like "Anniversary Waltz" on steroids.

"An unforgettable impossible object, made by magic!" Christian Grace

"I'm using the f--- out of this, it's tremendous!" Alan Rorrison

Two cards are torn into two rings. They are then signed and linked together, creating a magical memento that will always remind them of this mind-blowing experience.

Leaving an audience with an impossible object is one of the best ways to ensure they never forget you. "Rings" was designed by a worker for workers. It's more practical and reliable for close-up performances than any other version (including Ben's own "OCL", which was the previous "best" version of this style of effect).

"Rings" is easy to create and perform. It doesn't use a method that requires you to use it quickly after making it and can even be used while surrounded. Most importantly, you get a perfect set of signed, linking card rings every time.

This is the amazing, reliable linking card effect you've been looking for. It's the perfect blend of magic and emotion. Download "Rings" by Ben Williams and start learning right away!

"'Rings' is a new classic in magic. If you don't own this you are CRAZY!!!! I'm serious, you are absolutely CRAZY IF YOU DON'T OWN THIS!! So, to all the crazy people out there, stop being crazy and buy this now! 2 separate, signed pieces of a playing card link....FOREVER!!! No cuts, no tears, the spectator's can examine and keep this forever! There are very few effect that come this close to real magic! And here's the best part...it's easy to do!! No fumbling, no hard sleights or manipulation, no angles, it just happens...with very little work on your part. I LOVE THIS and will forever be grateful to Ben for creating this." Richard Sanders

"It isn't very common these days for me to get EXCITED about an upcoming release. Everything seems to be derivative of something great that already exists. Rings, however, sparked my excitement in a way that is hard to describe. I felt like I was watching an old school video learning something special. Rings is going right into my corporate strolling set!" Kyle Purnell

"Rings" by Ben Williams Full Performance


Customer reviews for Rings



Very nice teaching on the download, Ben Williams has same fun humor I do and it shows from the start. The effect is exactly what I thought it would be, very simular to a trick I was doing back in the late 80's I feel his is way better than the one I had been doing far less set up and prep time. He teaches the effect I feel really nice and thought out. This is not your average linking card trick. I will say this Great Magic is Simple and Simple Magic can be GREAT. I say this is perfect for anyone who's been in magic at least 6months to the old man I am in mid 60'.



Rings is a worthy addition to the linking card plot. The set up is not too involved once you become familiar with the process and the result is an impossible examinable object. Definitely recommended!


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  • John asks: Are there any significant changes to this download over Ben's OCL? Is it mostly changes in handling and some gimmick tweaks?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Correct. There are a few updated tweaks that you might find more practical
  • David asks: Is the Ben Williams revised linking card similar to the one done by Simon Coronel

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This method is slightly different
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