Roadrunner Cull - Volume 1

By Kostya Kimlat
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Roadrunner Cull - Volume 1

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DVD or download by Kostya Kimlat ($45.00)

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In less than a quarter of a minute, no matter what the condition of the cards, and under the guise of what appears to be a casual stroll through the pack. The Roadrunner Cull allows you to cull multiple cards incredibly quick. Reds separate from blacks. Face-up cards melt apart from the face-down ones. It happens faster than you can believe. MAGIC Magazine

You’re about to learn one of the most useful and versatile techniques in all of card magic. After years of teaching the cull to magicians in lectures and workshops throughout the United States, England, Europe and Japan, Kostya is finally releasing all of the work on the technique that fooled Penn & Teller on 'Fool US'!

on the technique that fooled Penn & Teller on 'Fool US'!Whether you’re just beginning or have been culling for years-your technique will improve significantly. And with your ability to cull cards, you will have the ultimate card weapon in your hands, ensuring the success of every performance.

If you engage yourself with the information presented on this DVD, then you’re about to become a better magician.Michael Ammar

Approximate running time: 110 mins


Customer reviews for Roadrunner Cull - Volume 1



I absolutely love this!!
Requires alot of practice, but sooo worth it. 10 out of 10. Thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck into this project



I cannot think of a single product that has done more to elevate my magic than Kostya's Cull. It will take great practice and cause frustration, but - as he explains - once you put it down and come back to it a few times your muscle memory develops in such a manner that you're much better than you recall being when you put it down. Beyond the triumph, dividing the deck into red and black is a powerful way to end a set and unlike the triumph it never even occurs to them that you would do this! It is so powerful that when I have lost control of a card, after I have spread through and culled under the guise of seeing if I can identify their card I can just ask them to name it and when it appears amidst the opposite color it still strikes them as a miracle. There is so much more to say, so many avenues of creativity this has opened for me, if you are willing to put in a year of practice I cannot imagine a single technique that would do more to elevate your magic.



My favorite ressource for learning the cull!
The professionalism of Kostya in the teaching of this move is unmatched. He goes into every details you need to know to learn the cull, and gives you great moves and tricks to apply the cull; it's amazing to see what he can achieve with it (the download includes his famous triumph). I am currently leartning the cull through this ressource, and eventhough it's a hard move that requires dedication, I've made tremendous progress since I've started working on it!
Thank you Kostya!



If you want go learn the cull, this is the video to watch,
The video run time is 1 hour & 45 mins,
I tried teaching myself, but with the tips and tricks on this video it sorted me out in no time,
For a beginner this will take some practice, but it is certainly worth taking time out to learn the cull properly.
I recomend this video for all levels of card magicians.





How good is it: very good.
To be honest: it took me a lot more than a year to get good enough. And after practicing for 2+ year almost every single day I can do it with the same speed and spectators can look at my hands.
I decided to use the "alternative handling": I do the cull with the ring finger: so both index fingers cover the front of the cards and don't move
It maybe takes a bit longer but this way I think it looks even more "innocent". Took a long time to learn it, but Kostya teaches the cull well, the effects included are great. I use the cull also for other effects as a preparation (e.g. when selection cards for a trick that uses only 4: I can show the sorted deck first, and then while removing the 4 cards "sort" it, and I prepared to effects at the same time)



I love the presentation of the versatile applications of the cull to almost any aspect of the typical card trick - forces, locations, controls, and others! Not only useful for learning good cull technique, but also for increasing the breadth of your repertoire.



This is an excellent lesson on the cull. I highly recommend it. It takes some practice but I was able to get the basic technique quickly and Kostya’s subtleties are fantastic.

VI Monthly




Okito is a trick that I carry everywhere, and is my go to coin trick. I got this a while ago and love it. Very clean and helped my develop my own takes on the okito box. Thanks Kostya!



Kostya is not only the master of the cull, but also a great teacher! If you want to learn the cull, this is the absolute reference!

VI Monthly


By now, it's no secret that Kostya is the master of the cull. But perhaps you didn't know what a fantastic teacher he is! I've done an embarrassingly mediocre cull for years, using it as seldom as possible. With diligent — and I do mean diligent — practice, I'm improving to the point where the cull is as important and versatile a tool in my card magic as the memorized deck. Kostya is thorough to a fault, covering every contingency of every move. Not for the faint of heart, but if you're willing to practice a LOT, I cannot better teaching of a more useful tool. An absolute MUST for the serious student of card magic. I mean it.



As someone who's extremely interested in the Cull, this DVD is the best resource for anything related to this move. He's so clear and concise in his teaching, you're actually forced to understand the sleight. A definite "must-buy" from me.



This DVD changed my magic completely, now I have the freedom to do anything I want with a deck of cards

I recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to perform card magic the way it should be performed ,meaning good clean well crafted ilussions of magic



You need this DVD. Even if you already own it, get another one just for kicks.



If you've ever wanted to learn about culling cards, Kostya's Roadrunner Cull DVD is definitely the ultimate resource. His instructions are clear and it's evident that he's spent a lot of time teaching this move to other magicians. Highly recommended if you want to learn one of the most versatile moves in card magic.



I got this after I saw Koysta on Fool Us! This is by far the best teaching of a cull I've ever seen! He does a wonderful job teaching it and has made it a lot easier to learn a difficult move to pull off!



I bought this after I saw Koysta perform this on Fool Us! It's going to take a lot of work to get it as good as him but this is killer!



this is the cull that you want. I had been doing my own cull for about two years. I got this cull and learned some valuable tips which helped my cull. I was culling black from red in a week. Start with a small number of cards and work up to the full deck. This is the best way to do triumph since the cards are actually mixed together. It is expensive but it is better than David's cull. I brought David cull and like my own cull better This cull is similar to what I was doing but it is an enhanced version. It's a valuable utility. He teaches about 5 tricks using this cull. If you want to learn the cull get this!!


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  • Eamonn asks: Hi! How long does the roadrunner vol 1, and vol 2, download last? Thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You'll find the running time at the bottom of the product descriptions. Volume one is 110 minutes and volume two is 137 minutes.
  • lawrence asks: What's the difference between volume 1 and 2?

    • 1. Kim answers: I assume it is various tips and tricks, performance ideas and such! The Cull itself doesnt take long to explain, so it must be mostly that!
    • 2. Kim answers: Volume 1 "will take you through the entire learning process step by step" Volume 2 "New effects, new moves, and great strategies for learning the most effective way"
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  • Oguzcan asks: Hi - is this a physical delivery or can a download link also be provided? Thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is a download
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