Secret Agenda

Book by Roberto Giobbi
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Secret Agenda

59.95 usd

Book by Roberto Giobbi (59.95)

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Roberto Giobbi has already written himself into magic history with his Card College series of books. What does he do next?

Secret Agenda is a lovely idea. The premise is that it’s a day book, with 365 card “tasks” or entries, and you are to read one per day. You gotta love that Swiss precision. Do we think that is how you will use this book, digesting one item per day? Unlikely.

But that's okay. What this book REALLY is is a collection of all the critical but tiny touches to improve your card magic. Sometimes it’s in the form of an exercise or a quote of wisdom, while other times it’s a full-on routine you can perform.

Along with the tricks, moves and finesses, there is plenty of advice, magic history and photographs. This is a well-thought out book that would be like having 365 separate conversations with Roberto Giobbi.

We absolutely LOVE the tiny bits of business that separate the good from the great, and this book is sure to bring a polish to your close-up magic. Highest recommendation.

Contents of Secret Agenda

  • To Separate a Deck at a Specific Point
  • Presentation and Handling for Six Guests in Five Rooms
  • An Archive for Special Decks
  • Changing Decks
  • Sucker Bet
  • Versatile Pellet Switch
  • Versatile Pellet Switch
  • Penetrating Rubber Band Gag
  • Logical Trickery
  • A Delicate Double Lift
  • Boomerang
  • Control Ruse
  • The Lift Shuffle - A Study in the Polyvalence of a Sleight
  • Details of Handling on the Cover Pass
  • A Force and a Location
  • Complete Vanish of a Coin
  • Unorthodox Second Deal
  • Bridge Control
  • Double Lift Replacement
  • Picking Up the Deck
  • How to Memorize a Serial Number Entertainingly
  • Simple Single-Card Switch
  • Best Hop
  • Fred Kaps's Force
  • Key Card Placement
  • Swing Cut at a Break
  • Control with a Swing Cut at a Break
  • Teschner's Top Stock Control
  • Marlo's Bluff Cut
  • Another Overhand Shuffle Glimpse
  • Multiple Peek Control
  • Teschner's Selection Control
  • The Sliding Double
  • The Amazing Coincidence
  • Remember, You Shuffled I
  • Remember, You Shuffled II
  • Push-In
  • A Humorous Out
  • Out and Quickie
  • An Emotional Out
  • The Goldin Pass
  • Cyclic False Shuffle
  • Give It a Stab
  • A Mathematical Control
  • A Not So Mathematical Control
  • Double Lift Substitute
  • Fechter's Slide Control
  • Good and Better
  • Tent Vanish Subtlety
  • Double Undercut Control
  • Fan Control
  • Cover for the Top Change
  • After the Break
  • Controlled Control
  • A Red-Black False Riffle Shuffle
  • Out of Proportion
  • Si Stebbins/Galasso
  • In Lieu of the Diagonal Push-In
  • Triumph for Okito
  • Dealing Procedure in Gambling Demonstrations
  • Tilt to the Hilt
  • Another Card Production
  • Four Ace Production
  • Lapping Elmsley
  • Magic of the Hands
  • More and Further Magic of the Hands
  • Ultimate Magic of the Hands
  • Top Palm Subtlety and Quickie
  • Corner Switch for a Bill
  • Idea for a Close-up Act
  • Top-Stock Control with Riffle Shuffle
  • Reindeer Puzzle
  • Torn and Restored Card
  • Transformation
  • Out
  • Fred Kaps's Birthday
  • A Short Routine with Sponges
  • Flash Production of a Sponge Ball
  • Subtleties for Sponge Ball Magic
  • Vernon Meets Daley
  • Thoughts on Cups-and-Balls Loads
  • Cups-and-Balls Pendulum Loading
  • Carta-da-Fé
  • Clear Writing
  • Staging a Three-Card Monte Game
  • Bill in Lemon Concentrate
  • Breast-Pocket Ploy
  • Details for a Climax
  • Climax for a Knife Routine
  • A Touch for Clifton's Ring Steal
  • The Empty Pocket
  • Double Divination
  • Fantastic Tranceposition
  • Intriguing Thoughts
  • Card Control Demonstration
  • Climax to an Unexpected Poker Deal
  • Postcard Cue Card
  • Wrong Card
  • The Fred Kaps Color Change
  • The Simplest Deck Switch
  • One-Deck Do-as-I-Do
  • One-Way Turnaround
  • The Involuntary Stooge
  • More One-Way Ploys
  • A Safer One-Way
  • Cross-Referencing Practice
  • The Invisible Thimble
  • Folded Card to Purse Frame
  • Ambitious I
  • Ambitious II
  • Ambitious III: Creating an Impromptu Double-Backer
  • Ambitious IV
  • Ambitious V
  • Ambitious VI
  • Ambitious Problem
  • Pocket-Calculator Magic
  • Old Props
  • Greetings by Night
  • Tea for Profit
  • Lyophilized Money
  • The Creation of an Egg
  • Double Divination
  • Cutting to a Crimp
  • Cigarette Paper Divination
  • The Program is Wild
  • Another Key-Card Placement
  • Linking Rings
  • Okito-san Meets Mr. Terrific
  • Edge-Marked Cards
  • Relative Circles
  • Any Wallet a Himber Wallet
  • Card Counting Demonstration
  • Card Counting Enhanced
  • Triple Divination
  • Breaking in a New Deck
  • Paradox Prediction
  • Two-Coin Transposition and Vanish
  • Copper-Silver Transposition
  • Bar Bet
  • Another Bar Bet
  • The Vanishing Pen
  • Table Magic Opener
  • Puzzle of the Nine Letters
  • The Binary Down-Under Deal
  • Bottle Cap Prediction
  • Thoughts on Coin Boxes
  • The Obedient Lemon
  • Calendar Prediction
  • The Psychic Rubber Band
  • Venus VS. Mars
  • An Overhand Shuffle Control
  • Automatic Key-Card Placement
  • Which Wine Would You Like?
  • Getting Rid of Extra Cards Above a Selection
  • Lynn's Bold-Pass Card Control
  • The Fake Take and Variations
  • A Built-In Shiner
  • To Practice Estimation
  • Belchou Varied
  • A Bold Force
  • Quick Sellers
  • Card to Envelope and Wallet
  • How to Limit a Number
  • An Ascanian Buckle Count Subtlety
  • When You've Lost the Card
  • Finger Questions
  • Marlo's Hands
  • Seven Tips on Practice
  • Vanni Bossi's Wild Money
  • More Thoughts on "Flash Cash"
  • Yes Another Idea for "Flash Cash"
  • Bridge Over Hindu
  • Pass At the Bridge
  • Magic Lottery
  • Torn and Restored Ploy
  • Torn and Restored Justification
  • Ascanio's Subtlety for Stealing a Coin
  • A Touch on the Braue Addition
  • Ten Professional Tips
  • Applications of the All-Around Square-Up
  • A Special-Deck Mnemonic
  • Top Stock Control
  • Daley's Sandwich Switch
  • Going to the Pocket
  • An Unusual Double Lift

424 pages in decorated hardcover binding.


Customer reviews for Secret Agenda



A joyous book of tidbits, moves, subtleties, puzzles, brainteasers, and beyond from one of magic's great thinkers and teachers. While you may be tempted to blast through the book, I recommend taking it one section per day as suggested; it's like a year-long advent calendar of tricks and treats with some legitimate substance.



This book/calendar/thought provoker is amazing. Each day a new thought. I love the art and so this adds something to think about. Bravo Mr. Giobbi.



its brilliant.
you get a page to read with each day which makes you think about a different aspect of magic. Just puts you in touch of lines of thought that you didn't think of

Truly my favorite book of 2016 and definitely improving my magic. (theres lots of room for improvement there!)


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  • Alexander asks: Is the binding of this book sewn or glued? Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Glued
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