Session & Five Forty Seven

By Joshua Jay
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Session & Five Forty Seven

55.00 usd

By Joshua Jay

Both books for 55.00 | Also available individually

Some of this collection in stock.

Joel Givens is not a household name in magic, but his creations have been touted in magic’s underground for years. In 2007 I wrote the first and only collection of his work, Session, and I was both pleased and flattered by the reception it garnered. 

Universally praised by critics and readers, it won Book of the Year on the Magic Café. What meant most to us about this honor was that the prize was decided by popular vote, not a panel of judges. The book sold very well, but strangely it is not a title you hear much about less than two years later. 

If you haven’t read it, here are some things you can look forward to. Joel’s magic is situational and often uses props or objects found in bars or restaurants. This is why the entire book is written as a magic “novel,” with protagonist (Joel), hecklers, a pretty waitress, and a few other surprises. Magicians seemed to really like the format because the reading experience was less like a recipe book (trick, explanation, trick, explanation) and more like a story. 


Also available individually:

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Customer reviews for Session & Five Forty Seven



Excellent addition to my library and repertoire.
Good acquisition.



These books are fantastic.
They are up to the, usual, superb quality we all take for granted from Joshua at this point.
The crystal clear, precise, magic explanations, are teamed with photo's just as accurate. Down to the the back ground, no detail was overlooked. I've never liked photo's in magic books, prior to this, preferring illustrations instead. This is actually clearer, and more user friendly.
The books read like fun, intriguing, novels. And as magicians you really do not want to put them down until finished. The appreciation really kicks in, as you re-read them for subtleties, and find them just as entertaining every time.
These are a must buy in my opinion. As a casual magic read, for the sake of routines, insights, or pure escapism, I can't recommend them enough.
Joel's magic is perfect for the" impromptu" performance, or full routine. His magic would floor most magicians expecting it, imagine the response from an unsuspecting lay audience.
I'm looking forward to more.

Thank you.


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