Sessions with Simon 1 - 3

By Simon Aronson
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Sessions with Simon 1 - 3

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By Simon Aronson

All 3 DVDs or downloads for $99.95 | Also available individually

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I (Joshua Jay) was fortunate to be present for the recordings of this trilogy, and having recorded footage of Simon performing these tricks is a great resource for the serious fan.

The DVDs are packed with great magic, and it’s wonderful that Simon presents us with a mixture of his greatest effects from all previous books and magazines. It’s a terrific overview.

That said, these DVDs are not a substitute for his books. Aronson’s magic is worthy of careful study, and I think these DVDs work best in conjunction with his four books.

Some highlights:

On Volume 1, “Among the Discards” is my favorite routine, and I have performed this routine to great responses all over the world. Learning this routine alone is worth the price of the DVD (to me, anyway). Ringleader is a beautiful penetration of a ring through a rubberband, and it’s a surprising example of Simon’s output of visual, non-card material.

On Volume 2 he includes “Random Sample Shuffle-Bored,” which remains one of the most popular tricks from my column in MAGIC, Red-See Passover—in my mind the best two-deck trick ever devised, Quadruple Spellbound—a fabulous and visual coin routine in which a coin changes into FOUR different denominations, and much more.

Volume 3 is the DVD equivalent to Bound to Please, and more (and less in some ways). If books are not your thing, or you learn better from personal instruction and want an introduction to memorized deck magic, start here. This volume is a curriculum on how to memorize a deck, what a memorized deck is, and lots and lots of terrific tricks. Simon has designed the tricks he included with a purpose: each trick demonstrates a different feature or principle of memorized deck magic. This gives you a great variety.

But…it also makes me sigh, because it just SCRATCHES THE SURFACE of what’s possible with a memorized deck. It would be a shame if you learned the stack from this volume, enjoyed these tricks, and never explored his books. His books are full of great magic, and although this DVD contains most of my favorites, there are still some gems hidden throughout his books. So for best results, use this DVD as a supplement, not a replacement.


Also available individually as hard copy or downloads:

Sessions with Simon: The Impossible Magic of Simon Aronson 1

O’Aronson Aces — Simon’s amazingly visual handling of the O’Henry Ace plot, with an engaging poker presentation. At the climax, all four Aces magically land under the spectator’s hand!

Among the Discards — A surprising effect . . . about surprise! A card sandwich, including the spectator’s freely chosen Ace, suddenly appears where the spectators least expect it – in full view.

Side-swiped — An Instruction Card actually becomes the spectator’s signed selected playing card while in full view! Creates an impossible object for the perfect souvenir! Used by top professionals around the world.

Mark-a-Place — An easy utility move, with a host of practical applications. Instantly locate four Queens (or Aces) at any place in the deck the spectator chooses.

Under Her Spell — A humorous vanish and reproduction of four Queens, while taking the spectator on a blind date.

Ringleader — The cleanest, most visual, finger ring and rubber band routine you’ll ever see! The illusion of linking and penetration is instantaneous, with no extraneous moves.

Self Control Lie Speller — The performer finds a card which is merely thought of, in a borrowed shuffled deck, without ever once touching the cards! Simon’s favorite location.

It’s the Thought that Counts (performance only) — Simon and his wife Ginny demonstrate the incredible two-person mind reading act they’ve performed around the world for over 35 years. You won’t believe your eyes and ears—it’s that good!

Sessions with Simon: The Impossible Magic of Simon Aronson 2

Prior Commitment — Two Jokers appear in the deck and locate two cards freely cut to by the spectators. But you won’t believe the surprise climax: the Jokers have predicted the exact location of both spectators’ free cuts! Simon’s UnDo Influence principle is self-working, but so deceptive that you’ll actually fool yourself with this one.

The Calendar Card — The birthday book plot updated, streamlined and with Simon’s favorite presentation that plays big enough for the stage! Simon’s subtle touches combine with a unique and colorful prop producing a commercial masterpiece.

Head Over Heels — A unique new move that both controls and reverses a freely chosen card – and it’s easy to do. Simon explains several applications, including the Invisible Card and an in-the-hands Triumph!

Red See Passover — Simon’s classic odd-backed, thought-of card across – a diabolical combination of methods that produces an exceptionally clean miracle with four climaxes! Michael Close says, “Red See Passover is one of the five strongest card tricks you can do for anyone.”

Quadruple Spellbound — A spellbound routine with a difference: the coin changes four times! Close up, visual and clean looking magic! The one trick Simon performs most often!

Random Sample Shuffle-bored — Simon’s Shuffle-bored has become a classic around the world. Even though two spectators freely shuffle and randomize the entire deck, the performer knows the exact face-up and face-down condition of every card! Here, Simon performs and explains his favorite, and most entertaining presentation! (Comes complete with special foldout prop).

And more … Simon is known for his intensive explorations of the birthday book theme. As a bonus, he performs and explains Anytime Birthday Shopping (you can carry it in your wallet!) and Fate (the spectator freely chooses any card in the deck before announcing his birth date.)

**Note:** The PDF referenced in the video is no longer included.
Sessions with Simon: The Impossible Magic of Simon Aronson 3

This DVD is on Memorized Deck Magic.

Simon thoroughly explains and explores a host of basic tools for the memorized deck, including contextual deck switches, the open index, stack preservation, restoration, retained groupings, use of mathematics, restacking a dealt stack, the S.A. Combination and so much more! You’ll want to watch this again and again, there’s so much information – and so many blockbuster memorized deck effects, including:

Shuffle Tracking (unpublished)
Two Beginnings
Christ-Aronson Aces (unpublished)
Routine Maintenance
Everybody’s Lazy
Bait and Switch
The Invisible Card
Four Stop Intersection

It's like a complete course in the memorized deck, taught by an acknowledged master!


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Absoutely love Simon's presentations of his tricks. They have really helped me in my own presentations. The trick are solid as well!!




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  • Gerardo asks: Are the tricks on volume 3 stack dependant to Aronson Stack? Or can it be performed using a different stack like mnemonica?

    • 1. Jim answers: There is a mixture of both.
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  • Patrick asks: Are the methods performed for the tricks?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The methods are explained, yes.
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