Space Time

Trick by Tom Elderfield
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Space Time

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Trick by Tom Elderfield (24.95)

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Space Time - magic
Space Time Space Time Space Time Space Time Space Time Space Time
This is by far my favorite take on the moving hole concept.Shin Lim

In the world of physics, there are discoveries being made daily that are going to shape the future of humanity. Most of these wondrous discoveries we cannot see or feel. That is, until Tom Elderfield punching holes in playing cards and instantly moving them through the woven fibers right in front of you.

Space Time is Tom's latest marvel, where he places an open hole into a playing card, then the hole jumps around the card as if he's warping the fabric of space time itself. Unlike previous hole plots, you can clearly show both sides of the card between each phase. With a wave, it will seem as if you instantly healed those voids in the card as if you turned back the clock, restoring the card to pristine condition.

No sleight of hand required and it is fun and easy to perform.

  • Instant reset
  • Real hole in the card - see right through
  • No setup
  • Hand-crafted gimmick with attention to every detail
  • Online Tricks, routines, handlings and instructions included
Test the boundaries of this unexplainable physical paradox as you shock your spectators with Space Time by Tom Elderfield. 

Amateurs and professionals, every magician's card box should have one of these!Gregory Wilson
I've been following Tom Elderfield quietly for a while now.  I was hoping he'd remain a secret and I'd keep his killer magic for myself.  Bummer!  EVERYONE is going to want this trick.  Good method.  Fun and visual.Justin Flom
An very visual effect with a clever method! You can see a hole which really moves!Mickael Chatelain

Available in Red or Blue backs.
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Customer reviews for Space Time


Official review from Genii Magazine

From the David Regal Genii magazine. Reviewed by April 2016

The moving hole plot has seen a number of variations, and I would not recommend yet another if the method were inferior to what came before. Here, however, we have a unique gimmick that allows a hole to visibly “jump” to four different positions on a playing card. The holes are real holes, and the card can be shown front and back. This is a solid method, clever, and sure-fire, and you will like it. The DVD comes with a fully assembled gimmick, ready to go. I tip my hat to Mr. Elderfield. Considerations: The gimmick comes with a Bicycle playing card back, but once you understand how the gimmick works you’ll be able to make your own with other back designs (not all designs will be conducive to the gimmick).

Copyright 2016 by The Genii Corporation.


Robert J

I can and will definitely include this in my repertiore of card magic. I do have a few concerns. First, in close up magic, there may be a few concerns about seeing the three indentations in the card at the beginning. This can be overcome by tilting or some other means of hiding the three indentations but in my mind it is not as smooth. In addition, I've watched the instructional part several times and understand the holding but when I do the same handling, I need to hold the card with two hands. It takes a few sessions to get the handling done. Lastly, there is some discrepancies in punching the hole. It's said in the instructions to be creative but it does not include the punching and positioning of the holes. You need to control the spectators' mind and the instruction portion did not go into it. As I said I will use this but as of now, it's not in my top ten. It is good but needs more work to make it into a first-class trick. Hope this is helpful.



My gimmick was incorrectly manufactured. The corners are fraying apart out of the box, the middle hole always has part of it showing no matter where it’s meant to be, and there is no bottom right section that hides all the holes. Pretty disappointed by this one, I had high hopes


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