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Trick by Patrick Kun, The Other Brothers and Abstract Effects ($55.00)

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Summit - magic
Summit Summit Summit Summit Summit Summit

A remarkably creative and powerful thought-of card to sharpie routine unlike anything we've ever seen!

"It's the trick of the year for me!" Ekaterina

"Absolutely genius - a true piece of magic!" Piff the Magic Dragon

Note from Vanishing Inc.: While we do stock this product, please be advised that we did not create the trailer. Please refer to the description below to learn more about "Summit".

Teaming up with Abstract Effects and The Other Brothers, Patrick Kun is thrilled to introduce "Summit".

Using a practical method that can be carried in your pocket, you'll be able to conduct a thought-of card to Sharpie effect without any complicated switches of the cards or sharpie. Once a card is in play, it stays in play.

Here's How The Effect Works:. Your spectator thinks of a card and you hand them a Sharpie to write it down. Yet, the Sharpie won't write. Confused, you take back the Sharpie and open it up to reveal that there's actually a rolled up playing card inside. The Sharpie and card REMAIN IN VIEW THE ENTIRE TIME. They then name their card and you turn over the playing card from the sharpie to show it matches.

Built to look like a real Sharpie, the "Summit" gimmick was designed to be carried with you everywhere. It resets easily, making it ideal for close-up magicians and street magicians. It's easy to do and comes ready to go out of the box. There's even a method for performing "Summit" in your virtual magic shows!

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: While there is a method taught that uses equivoque and one that DOES NOT use equivoque, both methods are designed to make the spectator believe they have made a free selection of 52 cards. However, their selection is secretly limited to a bank of 12 cards.


Community questions about Summit

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  • Robert asks: Trailer says no equivoque. But can the spectator name any card? Trailer says no switches of the card or the Sharpie. But I saw a comment that there is sleight of hand. Is there a full performance video anywheres? Hard to believe what the trailer says and shows is the whole story when it comes to the performance. Thanks.

    • 1. Jim answers: They do teach a version with minimal verbal influence. They also discuss using equivoque. So you have options. Technically, they are honest when they say that there are no switches of the card or the Sharpie. There is some sleight-of-hand involved. No full performances that I have seen. The effect is good, and the method is workable—this is not a pipe dream. That said, don't invest in this because the trailer fooled you, or because you want to know how they can do the effect with the stated conditions. Buy it if you love the effect and you want to perform it. We are getting near exposure territory with some of these questions, so I'll leave it at that.
    • 2. Jeff answers: Ekaterina has a full performance with her review of Summit in YouTube and I found it to be helpful with my decision to make this $55 purchase.
    • 3. Garry answers: your sugestion to view, Which is: Ekaterina has a full performance with her review of Summit in YouTube. Ive just watched this, and it looks to me more like you force a suit card by sugestion, rarther than any thought of card, any card reveall. There video add is filming the spectators reactions more so than demonstrating the full perfomance which to me is a bit suspect.
    • 4. Garry answers: For these reasons it has swayed me in to, not to buy this product.
    • 5. Marshall answers: An earlier review mentions that you will get a great idea of the concept from an online review. This is so true, and I think she goes a little further to almost give you 90% of how it will work…or maybe it is my experience with props that allow me to understand. Remember, this is for laypeople, so I personally think it will slay. Having said that, I think it's slightly disingenuous to infer that the card will be chosen before it's revealed, but it is close to that. I will purchase it because I see many ways to use it, and it’s a great trick.
    • 6. Michael answers: There is a newer video on YouTube that shows several different ways to perform this trick. I own it and love it it’s definitely worth the $55. It can also be done on zoom. My favorite way to perform this is on zoom and have multiple spectators giving me parts until we have a final thought of card. This method is demoed on the other brothers you tube new video of full performances. But they do it live in Las Vegas. This can easily be modified for zoom.
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Summit by Patrick Kun, The Other Brothers and Abstract Effects