Magic by Abstract Effects

Punch'd Trick
Trick by Abstract Effects and David Michael Fox - 25.00

Punch'd is an innovative device that enables you to mark and gaff ANY deck of cards in real-time! With Punch'd, you can start off a routine with a...

Wallet (by Nicholas Lawrence) Trick
Wallet (by Nicholas Lawrence)
Trick by Nicholas Lawrence and Abstract Effects - 40.00

This innovative and deceptive utility device from the wildly creative mind of Nicholas Lawrence is like the Swiss Army Knife of magic wallets....

Fragment by Abstract Effects Trick
Fragment by Abstract Effects
Trick by Abstract Effects - 30.00

Fragment is a clever and practical approach to the visual appearing deck effect, including additional applications such as smooth transpositions and...

Frost Trick
Trick by Abstract Effects and Mikey V - 40.00

"Visual eye candy for dragons (and humans)." Piff The Magic Dragon In collaboration with Abstract Effects, Mikey V presents Frost, the...

Summit Trick
Trick by Patrick Kun, The Other Brothers and Abstract Effects - 55.00

A remarkably creative and powerful thought-of card to sharpie routine unlike anything we've ever seen! "It's the trick of the year for...

Debut Trick
Trick by Abstract Effects - 25.00

Debut is a visually surprising way to produce small objects at your fingertips! Utilize this clever gimmick in your pre-existing routines or a use it...

Stab Happy Trick
Stab Happy
Trick by Abstract Effects - 25.00

The classic card stab effect has been re-designed for close-up and street magic performers. A card is selected, signed and returned to the deck and...

The Vault - Cloud Pass Magic download (video)
The Vault - Cloud Pass
Magic download (video) by Abstract Effects and Casey Lewis - 10.00

Cloud Pass is a highly fooling color change that allows you to visually change one card into another while ending clean! This move is super easy to...

Swarm Trick
Trick by Abstract Effects - 40.00

From the team at Abstract Effects comes the color changing card that can be signed, produce objects, and allows you to end clean. One card. Endless...

Nepomuk Trick
Trick by Abstract Effects - 24.95

A fresh, exciting and visual new addition for your repertoire from Bennie Chickering (the creative mind behind the bestselling "CVF...