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Trick by Abstract Effects
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Fragment by Abstract Effects

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Trick by Abstract Effects (30.00)

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Fragment by Abstract Effects - magic
Fragment by Abstract Effects Fragment by Abstract Effects Fragment by Abstract Effects Fragment by Abstract Effects Fragment by Abstract Effects Fragment by Abstract Effects

Fragment is a clever and practical approach to the visual appearing deck effect, including additional applications such as smooth transpositions and deck vanishes utilizing the Fragment gimmick.

This is a collaboration from the entire Abstract Effects team teaching you how to use the Fragment gimmick in detail, including over 10 unique, surprising variations and ideas!

The main effect is an extremely visual and fair transposition of a full deck of cards with your spectators signed selection that will leave your audience stunned. The gimmick is one of those surprisingly simple "why didn't I think of that!" ideas, but the applications with it really help bring it to life.

It's great for live performances and is absolute gold for your social media.


Customer reviews for Fragment by Abstract Effects



So, let me start off by saying, this is a gaff deck more than a gimmick. Definitely not a gimmick. A gimmick by definition is a device used to attract people, in magic, it's a specially designed single device to fool people (like, Smooth by Nicholas Lawrence. Which is incredible by the way.)

Fragment is disappointing in so many levels (literally), it's not something you can go out and perform to laypeople at all. You will not get away with performing any of these effects that show you in the trailer. The handling of the gaff is so finicky. You will struggle to perform this in the real world as a close-up magician.

But, saying this, you MAYBE able to get away with this for stage and cabaret... maybe. As vanishing and appearing decks go, this is at the bottom for me because there are so many different workable variations of this classic that can be used.

The only thing this will be good for is social media, you'll use it once for a decent video, but that's it. which is why this is a one-hit-wonder and why I gave it 3 stars.

As a gaff produced deck, its really well made (of course it would be though, due to the way its made) and I do think there is potential here through the concept. The idea around it is pretty awesome if I'm honest. But, I personally don't think anyone would perform this as the effect its design for, except for social media and video calls.

Now, the product itself is...well... a lot of money for something you can make at home if you want to spend the time doing so. $30... come on guys. Seriously though, like I can spend $3 on an actual deck. Then to receive the Fragment Gaff is like getting kicked hard in the crotch area. It feels like someone walking up to you saying "Wanna be a magician? Well, keep spending money on over-priced products that you will only use once."

The teaching, the video download, and specifically the lighting are just not that great. They don't perform a trick to laypeople and they don't really perform the trick anyway. The instructions were so bad because of one of the lighting situations, I had to turn it off.

This is also a big problem too, please state "Social Media Magic" on products that are designed for that reason. No one can't use this trick in real-life circumstances, but please if anyone does use this in live performance, drop in a link on the product page somewhere. Prove me wrong, please just do that.

It's getting to the point in the magic community where we are starting to run out of new original ideas like "Hollywood" and bringing out bad versions of classics. Now, I have been pretty harsh so far, so let me shed some light. You can't perform this in real life, but you can perform on camera and it looks amazing. What you receive, is what you get. Like I stated before, its a nice addition to a gaff deck of cards, I feel like there can be more created with this and it would be interesting to see different ideas.

So, if you're looking for a vanishing/appearing deck, its best to check elsewhere because unfortunately, this isn't it unless you want to have a unique gaff to work with. Saying that, Bicycle should just sell their own versions of this as a gag.

Sorry Abstract, but this isn't a great trick. It's overpriced for what it is. I understand, selling magic is production +(gaff/gimmick) + Idea = Price & Profit. But this is a waste. Between $10-20 is reasonable. Not $30, overvaluing your products will ruin trust to your consumers.

So much excitement for an unfinished overpriced product. Also, I forgot to mention that you cant hand them out and its really bad angles. Sorry guys.



Haven't considered it because I don't see anything interesting happening in the trailer. Have np idea what it is or what it does.....
Very unlike a Vanishingincmagic kool, clear and exciting offering


Community questions about Fragment by Abstract Effects

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  • Rohan asks: Is this an instagram trick or really performable in practical real world scenarios? Also, are we able to use the same deck to go into the next card trick or will we require an entire deck switch or one gimmicked card that requires to be switched?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You could do the effect live but it's a gimmicked deck so you cannot use it for other effect.s
  • Bradley asks: How much dexterity is required to pull this off? Can one pass around the single card, or do you advise against?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you wanted to hand out the single card first, there would be some dexterity involved. Otherwise, the move is essentially easy to do - once you consider angles.
  • Peter asks: Ok, I’ve watched the trailer, but am none the wiser. My question; what is it? What does Abstract do? Seriously, having watched the trailer I’ve no idea. The blurb talks of transpositions, but if you simply show a card/pack in each hand, flat to camera, so you can’t see if either has any sides or depth, (so deck or single card? It could be either) and then flick one and spread the other, that’s not a trick. There’s clever (oh how we all hate ‘clever’ I.e fast cutting - I haven’t a clue what I’ve just seen!) magic trailers, but this one beats the competition hands down. I love gimmicks so would really like to know what it is, but currently....well, dare I say it? The trailer is err, just a little abstract.

    • 1. Dave answers: Yes, agreed with above.. ???
    • 2. John answers: I am with you 100 percent.
    • 3. Kenneth answers: I am also very confused. The distributer should make a new trailer.
    • 4. Guillermo answers: Yes, I too am confused. Can someone please clarify this for us?
    • 5. Enrique answers: The trailer looks quite straightforward to me. No need of anything else. As stated above, it is a gimmicked deck, so it is not examinable. As with most effects, after some practice, you can more or less do what you see in the trailer. I am quite certain what the method is. However, I do wonder what they mean by "ungimmicked version".
    • 6. John answers: The 'ungimmicked version' iirc - in the tutorial they teach you an effect that can be done with an ungimmicked deck too, but is 'easier' with fragment. I bought this when it was released, and it's the only item I've ever returned. I was really disappointed by it. That said, I'm still really new to magic, and perhaps just don't see the way it would fit into my magic going forward. There's no doubt it has loads of possible uses as a gimmick though.
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  • Juan asks: Most pre-orders have an expected release date. I did not see one. When is this expected to be released?

    • 1. Clem answers: I just spoke to Jim at Vanish. He said that the official release date is 6/15/2020.
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  • steven asks: Why would you show a trick and we have no idea what it does?????

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We suggest watching the trailer.
    • 2. David answers: But we did watch the trailer and unlike with most tricks we are none the wiser. As someone else pointed out, this doesn't seem like it needs a gimmick -- just a good angle and two decks.
  • jonathan asks: When will the product be available for shipment?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's shipping now.
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