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Debut - magic
Debut Debut Debut Debut

Debut is a visually surprising way to produce small objects at your fingertips!

Utilize this clever gimmick in your pre-existing routines or a use it in a straight forward impromptu situation for friends and family.

A great magician takes advantage of every possible situation and Debut allows you to turn ordinary moments into something captivating and impressive!

Dry lips? Magically make a chapstick visually appear at your fingertips! Need a sharpie? Boom! Make a sharpie appear! It looks like real magic and can be done with an unlimited number of small objects.

Debut was designed by the Abstract Effects team, taking the classic small object appearance to the next level, sleight of hand can only look so magical but with Debut, those simple magic moments get a serious upgrade.

Show your hands cleanly without any palming and make any small object visually appear with Debut!


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  • Charles asks: Two questions: 1) A subtitle on the trailer says "Gimmick does all the work"; does this mean a beginner can perform Debut, or does it rquire someone with sleight of hand skills? 2) Can Debut produce a card or a box of cards?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: A beginner can do the trick but you would probably need practice to do it well. I think a deck of cards might be too big for the gimmick.
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Debut by Abstract Effects