The Magician's Ltd Cookbook

By Andi Gladwin and Jack Parker
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The Magician's Ltd Cookbook

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Book or download by Andi Gladwin and Jack Parker (Book $40.00 or download for $30.00)

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What's cooking? How about some great magic created by a collection of the world's best known card magicians? Jack Parker has called upon some of his favorite magicians to prepare some excellent card tricks and Andi Gladwin has elegantly served up each one in this fantastic hard backed book. There's something to tantalise every taste bud in this wide ranging menu, from exquisite starters to really meaty tricks to sink your teeth into.

The Magician's Ltd Cookbook allows you to take a peak into the repertoires of some of the world's best card magicians. Stars such as David Acer, Allan Ackerman, Steve Draun, Dave Solomon have all contributed fantastic tricks that range from incredibly easy to knuckle busting sleight of hand - you'll definitely find plenty of great material for your repertoire.

The story behind this book is inspiring. In 1989 Jack Parker was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. After a year of treatment he was achieved a full remission from the illness and decided that he'd like to give back to give back to The Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust; a charity that helped him when he was most in need. He collected magic from 23 of the world's top card magicians and along with Andi Gladwin started to compile a book of that fantastic magic.

Given how much they helped Jack, proceeds from this book will be donated to The Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust to help assist their ongoing Leukaemia research and everyone involved in the Magician's Ltd Cookbook has given their time generously and for free.

Wonderful magic. A superb cause. So get cooking!

The Magician's Cookbook features great magic from these top names: David Acer, Allan Ackerman, Jason Alford, Mark Aspiazu, Jamie Badman, Tomas Blomberg, Doug Conn, Paul Cummins, Luke Dancy, Steve Draun, Peter Duffie, Andi Gladwin, Robin Gunney, J.K. Hartman, Joshua Jay, Nathan Kranzo, Anthony Miller, Jack Parker, Mike Powers, Jon Racherbaumer, Dave Solomon, and Paul Wilson.

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Customer reviews for The Magician's Ltd Cookbook



I bought this book knowing the names of the magicians who have contributed to this book which can be found on the back of the book trust me there are some little gems of packet tricks within these pages so Jack Parker has done a great job with this book but more importantly all proceeds go to charity.



Your deck will have a near future events of fantastic experience because the magic is just gold with in the Wight close up magician's dinner table!



I love that all the money from this goes to charity. I feel like I have done my good deed for the day by buying this.



If you take a glance at the backcover of the book, you see the number of excellent card magicians contributed some of their material. That glance alone is worth to get the book. Contributions are made by David Acer, Allan Ackerman, Paul Cummins, Joshua Jay, Jon Racherbaumer, and many more. Jack Parker is presenting us a collection of card tricks written by Andi Gladwin.

What I really like was the concept of pouring a magic book into a cooking theme. And I really thought that the “4 sleights or less” concept was quite interesting. “Creators were asked to limit themselves to four or less ingredients”. That way the routines are not technical demanding and can be performed with some practice. My favorite efect was Cooking with Conn & Daley by Doug Conn. Basically, it’s the classic Daley trick with a kicker.
Also, the writing is very entertaining and credit is properly given. Furthermore, “proceeds from the book will be donated to The Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust to help assist there ongoing leukaemia research.” So if you buy this book (which you should), not only do you do yourself a good favor but you also contribute to a good cause.
To conclude, you will learn many good sleights and card tricks with The Magician’s LTD Cookbook for a good price.



The book is thin 112 pages (12 pages are the forward and table of contents). 24 effects.

Most of those effects involve one packet of cards switching for another packet of cards, but wait both of those packets were actually completley different cards. Basically they are the type of effects I dislike as way too many cards are involved. This takes the tricks from being magical to tedious.

The book is deceptivley advertised as using a maximum of 4 "ingredients "or sleights, but wait forcing a card, controlling a card, color changes, passes, false shuffles, switches, false counts, and double turn overs are not considered in that "4 ingredient rule". So if you got the impression from the advertising that these are simple effects with out the use of a lot of sleights, then you are wrong.

There is no mention of patter or scripts for any of these effects.

The sleights required are described in minimal detail. What you don't already know the breakless curry change, half pass, le temps switch, or miracle change? Then don't expect to learn them here. You may get a couple sentences about how to do the sleight, but it's only a 50/50 chance you get an illustration. If you do learn the move you will still need to research more about the subleties to make it effective.

Finally I find the paper to be displeasing to the touch. The texture is just off.

You may find some material in this book, but I was really expecting a thicker book with more detail, and clearer effects. This book is the opposite.


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