The Man Who Knows

Trick by Liam Montier, Kaymar Magic Company UK and Matt Lingard
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The Man Who Knows

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Trick by Liam Montier, Kaymar Magic Company UK and Matt Lingard (From $20.00)

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The Man Who Knows - magic
The Man Who Knows The Man Who Knows The Man Who Knows The Man Who Knows The Man Who Knows The Man Who Knows The Man Who Knows The Man Who Knows

This delightfully fun prediction is now available in a double-sized postcard designed for parlor magic performers.

"The Man Who Knows" is a self-working miracle with a devious method that will leave a lasting impression on all audiences.

A mysterious red envelope is introduced and left in clear view. You then show five gorgeous, full-color postcards with some of the most famous magicians in history: Thurston, Alexander, Kellar, Von Arx, and, of course, Harry Houdini. Each one is placed in a separate black envelope. These envelopes are them freely mixed by a spectator.

You then present a deck of cards (which can even be borrowed). Your spectator is invited to select an envelope, as well as one of the cards. The idea behind the effect is that you will perform a magic trick in the same style as the famous magician they choose.

They end up with "Alexander" (aka "The Man Who Knows") and the Four of Clubs. As Alexander was a mind reader and mentalist, you then proceed to make a prediction.

You open up the red envelope to show that you knew they'd choose Alexander. However, upon closer examination, they also realize that their playing card has been revealed in his crystal ball.

Two versions are available: the "Standard Version" featuring mini-postcards and the "Pro Version" featuring double-sized postcards for parlor magic shows.

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Customer reviews for The Man Who Knows



I performed this for my close-up mastermind and it was an instant hit! The effect's revelation really hits home and catches the spectator completely off guard. The method is deceptive and effective.

The colorful historic posters displayed on the card appeal to magicians and lay audiences alike. They allow us to share a bit of our passion for the history of the magical arts with others. It is very easy to script and master, but it fully deserves your best effort to create a memorable experience. The effect resets instantly, which makes it ideal for "Pack Flat-Play Big" table hopping, hospitality rooms and parlor sets. The small version fits easily into an outer dinner jacket or sport coat pocket. The larger Pro version is ideal for parlor and stand-up sets.

It is not repeatable, which should cause little concern to anyone. The materials are excellent quality and, in my opinion, well worth the retail price. Use your favorite deck of playing cards - a nostalgic or aged deck would fit the theme beautifully.


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  • Glenn asks: This trick needs to be performed in front of a different audience each time, yes? Thank you.

    • 1. Roger answers: This effect, as provided, cannot be repeated for the same audience - but, that in no way detracts from its effectiveness and impact.
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  • Brad asks: What are the dimensions of the cards that are put inside the envelopes?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: About 4-4.5 inches.
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