Dutch Kiss

Magic download (video) by Danny Urbanus
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Dutch Kiss

9.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Danny Urbanus (9.95)

Wayne Houchin's classic "French Kiss" effect reimagined with just one card.

Like most modern card magicians, Danny Urbanus has always been fascinated by the "French Kiss" effect. It's such a strong piece of magic that never fails to amaze an audience. The only real flaw is that you need an extra playing card.

Danny wanted to be able to perform it with one card and, after countless hours of experimentation, he finally cracked the code.

"Dutch Kiss" by Danny Urbanus has not only evolved to not require an extra card, but actually not even need playing cards at all. It uses just one index card that can fit into your wallet as part of your EDC.

You can perform this effect straight from your wallet. It's super easy to make the gimmick and the effect is guaranteed to be one of your new favorite close up magic effects.

Download "Dutch Kiss" to start learning right away!

"The 'Dutch Kiss' better than the French. But, for real though, love it! Clean, direct, and logical." Rico Weeland

"Very cool, I like it! Clever and clean." Wayne Houchin


Customer reviews for Dutch Kiss

VI Monthly


Excellent tutorial! Danny, thank you for sharing a magical event



Perfect use for business cards and billets magic or mentalism. This isn't impromptu there is some prep involved though great as a stand alone effect it can play bigger with some thought
The instructions are clear, well taught and filmed to the usual standard you'd expect from Vanishing inc. and a reasonable price too win win


John A.

Very good, very clever and well explained, thank you. I think that I shall need to practice this trick a lot in order to do it reasonably.

VI Monthly






This video teaches the routine extremely well, there are over the shoulder views and Danny’s teaching is very thorough. I loved that there are numerous handlings and variations shown as well.
The ‘between the teeth’ presentation is not my style but this is easily adaptable for other presentations. I will be using this for sure.




Community questions about Dutch Kiss

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  • Nathan asks: Without sounding like an idiot, what actually is the effect? It's unclear from the trailer/description and I'm not familiar with Wayne's routine.

    • 1. Danny answers: Hi Nathan, Here is a full performance so you can see what it looks like! https://www.instagram.com/reel/CiAOG3MIKdI/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= It’s in Dutch but you can follow how the effect looks like! Hope it helps Danny ??????
    • 2. Nathan answers: Awesome, thanks for linking that ?? Looks great. I did go look up Wayne's original after asking my question, so had a good feel for this then, but it's great to see the performance. Brilliant!
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  • Mark asks: Hi VI Can this be done using a playing card instead too Thanks Mark

    • 1. Danny answers: Hi Mark, Thank you for your question :). I explain also how to do it with playing cards! Danny
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  • Matthew asks: What, exactly, is an “EDC”? (Acronyms amuse me ;-))

    • 1. Danny answers: Hi Matthew, EDC stands for Every Day Cary, the gimmick fits in your wallet (you can make it the same size as a card you already have) so you can bring it everywhere. If you have a sharpy or pen available you can perform this miracle anytime anywhere.
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