The WMS Gaff Deck

Trick by World Magic Shop
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The WMS Gaff Deck

34.95 usd

Trick by World Magic Shop (34.95)

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Six creators combine forces to share a variety of reputation-making card magic routines packed into one incredible gaff deck. This is the "World Magic Shop Gaffed Deck".

"This has got to be the best deal in magic!" Craig Petty

"The WMS Gaff Deck" unlocks a whole new world of powerful and practical card magic. This special deck of playing cards comes with all the necessary gaff cards and tutorials to start performing these amazing card tricks right away. They are made with premium Bicycle Playing Card stock

Card Tricks You Can Do With the "WMS Gaff Deck"

One by Matthew Underhill
An updated version on the classic "Anniversay Waltz" in which two initialed hearts join together on the face of a signed card. An unbelievable souvenir for couples and friends. (14 Cards)

Tom Twisted Restored by Steven Leathwaite
A signed card is torn, twisted and restored right in the hands of your spectators. (12 performance cards)

Pentacle 2000
Eight incredible routines created by Craig Petty using the specially printed cards supplied. In one effect, "Fast Hands", two jacks and four aces visually change places under impossible conditions.

Hypno Aces
Explaining how you can use hypnosis to cheat at cards, four hypnotic cards change into four aces. While it looks like incredible sleight of hand, the gimmicked cards make it almost self-working.

Parental Guidance by Tom Wright
This takes red hot mama to a new level with a final phase utilizing three specially printed cards.

Tab Test by Wayne Fox
A book test style effect utilizing the tuck tab on the card box. Your spectator thinks of any word from the text on the card case and with no fishing, you reveal it in one direct hit! A fun bit of mentalism mixed with card magic.

Get your "WMS Gaff Deck" by World Magic Shop today.


Customer reviews for The WMS Gaff Deck



The tuc case didn't have a proper cellophane seal, just sealed in normal thick plastic how weird. The download video log in only instructions are on the TUC case, but Trying to link and download the videos well, you need to have a few T Breaks while doing so, you have to first click on a link then put in a password, the first password is the same for all videos, but the second password for each video is a different one each time, (You cannot copy & Paste any of the second passwords, ugh) this takes you too another link which you just click on, its just below the vimeo video add for wms, this takes you to another log in using a different password, this then takes you to vimeo app, then you either stream or you can download to vimeo app, see link for this in vimeo, or to your device, How to download to your device, first click on the icons, which are watch later, and offline, these icons being, the heart, and the clock which are positioned on the right of the video, then click top right which is your personal icon which is highlighted in pale blue, then in vimeo section below the video, click on offline, then click on the 3 dots, then select arrow icon stating, save to device, this will save to your download folder on your device, (if it shows the arrow that is). No your not done yet, You have to do this process right from the start again and again for each video, this is absolutely ridiculous, and so frustrating. This takes away the experience of magic. Anyway after a long time I was able to download each video, to find that two of these don't play, these are, PG. AND TAG, so I went through the whole process again still not working, third attempt now they play, for now at least, The videos that do play are actually very enjoyable routines, Although one of the videos part way through states, go to to get your free Justin Miller version of this routine, this I could not find, The one with crag petty in it, he looks a lot younger in this, So perhaps they didn't have the download technology back then, certainly be good if they could update this process as in one link to all six videos, then click and download, TAG should come with two red and two blue tuc flaps, as they both have different writing on these, I only received two Red tuc tabs. So overall I am very disappointed, Especially for the price tag, as this it's not a cheap purchase either. What how much £30.60p, Plus need to buy a can of Mount spray.


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  • Jan Britten asks: Does this deck come with: - a number of double-blanks (if so, how many)?; - Double-Face cards (how many)?; - Bicycle-Back/Blanks(""")?; - Same Color Double-Backers(""")?; - Blue/Red Double-Backed(""")?; - and Face Card/Blanks (""")? Thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This deck comes with gimmicks for One by Matthew Underhill, Tom Twisted Restored by Steven Leathwaite, Pentacle 2000, Hypno Aces, Parental Guidance by Tom Wright and Tab Test by Wayne Fox
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