Trick by Joshua Jay
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Trick by Joshua Jay (29.95)

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It’s here. If you read the message boards, you’ve heard about Joshua Jay’s Transporter: A NO PALM SIGNED CARD TO ANY WALLET! A complete sellout on his recent European lecture tour, Vanishing Inc is proud to offer Transporter first. An amazing trick at an amazing price: just 29 bucks for something you can carry in your wallet all the time and do every day.

This is the effect EXACTLY as it looks (and watch the demo so you can verify it):

The magician removes a membership card from his wallet, explaining that all magicians belong to the same group. This is replaced in the wallet. A signed selection is CLEANLY lost in the deck—no controls at all.

When the deck is spread, the membership card is discovered where the signed selection used to be! And inside the wallet? The magician removes the signed card.

And afterward…the deck is CLEAN.

  • Reset is almost automatic
  • Handling is completely self-working
  • You receive two custom-printed gaffs unlike anything you’ve ever seen
  • You get a DVD performing and explaining all the nuances of the effect

Gimmick suitable for red-backed decks only.

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Customer reviews for Transporter



I truly never leave home without it lives in my wallet! Let me say that I think this trick is well thought out and well explained.
You getting a trick that packs a whallop ! Really no palming! So cool! Just buy the dang thing .... you'll be glad you did!



I Have had mine for some time now , i got it when it very first came out and have loved it , its practical and commercial and so easy to use, in fact with in ten mins you will get the handling, i love it and wont part with mine.
if you want simple and easy to use out of the box , look no further.
thanks Josh



This is a must have. I've had a lot of fun performing this for laymen. It's simple to perform, angle proof and it gets great reaction from people. The "Transporter" gimmick is beautifully made, you could rest assure you are getting a great product from Vanishing Inc, one that you will use for many years.

Although the gimmick back design is a red bicycle, there are many ways to get around that. One only has to use the tilt and then discard the top card (hope that made sense), but anyways, the red back design never gave me a hard time, in fact I use "transporter" with Aristocrats cards and Blue Crown cards...just saying :)

Buy this, it's worth the price!



Ok this would be my goto card to wallet, but I can't use it!!

First the effect is well thought out, and very practical. Great effect, good thinking and nice workmanship on the gimmick.

However if you are a person, like myself, who for what ever reason decides to use BLUE bikes you are done. The Gimmick is for red bikes.

I wish they had mentioned that in the blurb.

Sad because it is a great effect.



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