Try The Impossible

Book by Simon Aronson
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Try The Impossible

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Book by Simon Aronson (40.00)

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Simon’s latest book (published in 2001), this book was released to enormous critical acclaim. Aronson fans around the world were delighted with both the memorized deck sections and the new tricks debuted here. It holds a fond place in my heart because I wrote the introduction and contributed an effect; it was a great pleasure and learning experience to see this book (and the material within it) develop into such an impressive volume.

If memorized deck magic is your interest, this book has a chapter full of terrific magic. But be warned: in this case, the magic is SPECIFIC to the Aronson stack. Most of these tricks will not work with other memorized decks.

The highlight of the book for most people is the first section, titled “UnDo Influence.” This is a diabolical principle that fooled me at least five times in a row. It’s such a subtle principle, and Simon explores its uses with and without a memorized pack.

You get several impossible locations, a lie-speller effect, a terrific new sleight called Head over Heels, and a great mentalism piece based on the work of the legendary Chan Canasta.

The book also features a terrific ring and rubber band effect, that you really must see to appreciate.

Try the Impossible is the best-written, most attractive volume by Simon Aronson. It represents the most diversity of material, and has perhaps the most accessible “great” card trick he has ever created (it’s one you’ll do INSTANTLY after reading): it’s called “Prior Commitment.”

275 pages - hard cover with dustjacket


Customer reviews for Try The Impossible



Wow this is a really good book. Nicely produced and clearly written. It based mostly on the Aronson stack although some the routines will work with mnemonica. There is a wide range of effects covered with some ingenious plots. I can certainly recommend this book it's a big commitment to get through it but it does not disappoint.



This may be Simon Aronson's best book, although his books are all so good it is hard to say. Try the Impossible contains something for everyone.

The first third of the book is about tricks which involve what Aronson calls "The Un-Do Influence Control." This is a self-working control, the utility of which Aronson demonstrates with several quite different tricks. One of Aronson's applications of The Un-Do Influence Control ended up fooling Penn and Teller! As others have said, this section alone is worth the price of the book: not only are the tricks great, but also: The Un-Do Influence Control, in its automaticity, will fool the magician making use of it; so that it is a delight not only to perform but also to practice.

Those who are already Aronson fans -- especially those who have already memorized the Aronson stack -- are amply rewarded with routines that make use of the stack in clever ways. Aronson's attention to the reassembly of the stack makes many of these routines especially practical.

Finally: This is probably the best place to begin for those who wish to try memorized deck work. Why? It is not only that, as has already been said, there are a number of wonderful memorized deck tricks. More than that, it is that Aronson describes a number of tricks -- most of them spelling tricks, but there is also a lie detector trick and a gambling demonstration trick -- that depend on the Aronson stack but do not depend on memorization. I believe these tricks are a good enough reason to keep a deck organized according to the Aronson stack even if one doesn't memorize the stack; although keeping it in that order will encourage one to do so.

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Let's start with the author, Simon Aronson. One of the greats. And, as he specifies in the Preface to this 2001 book, "It's more like three separate books. Indeed, there are separate mini-introductions to each of the three parts, [t]wo of these sections deal with quite specific topics, the UnDo Influence control and the Aronson stack, [and the third] offers a panoply of all kinds of card magic." To me, the UnDo Influence section alone is worth the $40.00 price of this book! Get this one (actually 3 in 1!) before it goes out of print!



Good quality book, with a gloss removable outer sleeve, so far, as I haven't read all through this book, but this book has a good format and paragraphing, which makes it easy to read, and easy to follow, B&W images included.


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