Triple Helix

Trick by Snake, Tumi Magic and John Byng
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Triple Helix

39.95 usd

Trick by Snake, Tumi Magic and John Byng (39.95)

In stock.
Triple Helix - magic
Triple Helix Triple Helix Triple Helix

Amazing. Visual. Impossible.

This is arguably one of the best deck productions ever made. Make a deck of cards visually appear out of thin air with Triple Helix. Since being teased at Blackpool 2020, magicians have been BEGGING for its release. And, now, it's FINALLY here!

Brought to you by the incredibly creative John Byng and Snake, Triple Helix is pure magic. In the blink of an eye, you can make a second deck of cards pop into view. This visual masterpiece will have your audiences speechless.

Stop what you're doing. Scroll back and watch the trailer before you go any further. That same incredible feeling you have while watching it is the same one your spectators will have every time.

As you can see Triple Helix looks great on Instagram, TikTok or Omegle. However, with manageable angles and a quick reset, it can also be used for close-up magic or street magic.

What You Get:

  • 2 Triple Helix gimmicks
  • 2 magnets
  • Online instructions

"It's so visual and practical that I wish it was mine." Patrick Kun

"That's clearly impossible! I want it in our performance." Les French Twins

While the Triple Helix gimmicks come pre-made, there is a bit of DIY needed to incorporate them into your own decks of cards and create the final product.


Customer reviews for Triple Helix


Einar Aron

Amazing! Super visual like you see on the video and you can take the cards out of the ungimmicked box, you just put the other away. It comes ready to use in a nice packaging which keeps everything save.



The thinking that went behind this gimmick is ingenious. It requires a bit of DIY but I'm a believer that any magician who cares about their magic should make their own props.



I really like this trick it fools every time! The quality is good but I can tell it will rear out eventually with use. All in all worth the price in my opinion!



A very well made trick and an eye popper. One of the best visual tricks I have seen. Goes well with my version of ACAAN. Just had to think spaciially before getting it the right way round.



I'm leaving a review because I don't think the other reviews were fair to this effect. Giving it such a low rating because you don't want to do any work is not a fair to this effect.
They do supply a gimmick that is ready to use (I was able to use it straight out of the box)
They also supply everything that is needed to create the effect. So don't lose any pieces. But if you do, Amazon has cheap bulk small neo-magnets.
This effect is brilliant. It is not a routine, but a moment that you can add to your performances. Something shocking. It works brilliantly in close up and can really add something.
Though, I'll say the deck appearance is just one facet of this gimmick. Truth be told, this gimmick is actually extremely versatile. I don't want to reveal anything, but I will say, this just cleared some pocket space.
Highly recommended.



This is not just for social media. Triple Helix can be used in the real world too. Gimmicks must be constructed and I had some difficulty with it, but it was my error and quickly remedied. As for me, I will be using this trick in both worlds. A real stunner!



The gimmick is easy to set up and only takes a couple of minutes. Once you’ve got the move down then it’s so easy to perform. The two gimmicks it comes with are very high quality and will last a while. ??



Is it one of the most rushed and confusing gimmick creation videos you'll ever see? Yes. Is it worth it once you finally get it after 20 rewinds? Yes. Do I think they had the intention to rush and make this confusing? No. Does this effect absolutely kill on social media and IRL? Yes. Will the gimmick last for a long time once done? Yes.



Got my Triple Helix yesterday. Thought I’d weigh in like everyone else. ??

1 - Its a very nice production effect. Very visual. PERFECT for social media and parlor settings. It can be done in walk around settings, but this would take a bit more skill, I think because if you hold it still too long for someone too close, they’re likely to see that something is not quite right. Presented correctly, no one should notice a thing.

2 - The DIY is minimal, but like Gavin Wong, I wish the video instructions for it had been filmed from the magician’s viewpoint. The gimmicks have two positions each, the card box has four sides and it was vexing to have to keep reversing it in my mind while thinking “his right, not my right.” I too had to pause and rewind several times. It’s not a huge issue. The effect is still very, very good. John Byng, if you released an updated instruction video that addressed this, it would be sublime.

The decision on whether or not to spend money on a new effect is of course personal. It depends on skill level, preference for magic genre, and your performance venues. Triple Helix is the rare effect that works well in almost all venues (I guess it would be a bit small for a stadium, but if you’ve booked a stadium, you don’t need to read MY opinion), is astoundingly visual, the price seems right, it does not require black-belt handling skills, and it’s a perfect fit for me. If I was going to start doing magic reviews, I would give it 4 stars and revise up to 5 with an updated instruction video. Thanks, Tumi Magic. I look forward to your future creations.



I ordered triple helix with great excitement as this looked incredible on the trailer, once I received there was alot of arts and crafts that needed to be done even though the advert says there's none.The gimmick it's self isn't very practical as you can see what your doing unless the spectator is stood far away, this is great for video but that's all I would ever use it for I wouldn't trust it for close up like suggestedI also struggled to put this into a routine as I was making decks appear just to put them away.Overall great for video not so much for live performances



Setting up the trick with the magnets, lost one very quickly and now unable to use trick altogether. Disappointing for the price and long wait for a trick. Suggest you need to provide 4 or 6 magnets for the price.



The effect is very visual. The instructions are HORRIBLE! The positioning of the gimmicks when putting together the 1st time setup is too confusing. After the gimmicks are placed on the box, he says "the box is now all Blue"! But the bottom for me is still red! I went through the set up numerous times, following him step by step, always red bottom! He points to the red flap card calling it blue....confusing....his explanation is the worst of any trick I have seen that needs any DIY! I got frustrated and just put it back in the box and straight in the junk drawer! Maybe it is me, but I think they could have the DIY portion explained MUCH BETTER! Looks great if you can figure out the set up......but I will not spend another minute on it. Good Luck!



I was very excited to learn this effect, however the gimmick is almost impossible to put together (especially if you have big hands). I would absolutely buy a version of this effect if it were already put together but as of the way it is right now i am very disappointed in my purchase of what looked like a truly astonishing effect. I can not speak as to how easy it is to perform, because i never made it this far in the process as i struggled to create the gimmick and eventually gave up.


Community questions about Triple Helix

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Larry asks: So, the trailer shows two productions, but the description hints at only one. Which is it?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It comes with 2 gimmicks, ready to use.
  • Mark asks: Do both card boxes have cards in them? Could I ask the spectator choose red or blue?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Nope, unless you use equivoque.
  • Kam asks: I know skull rating is hard to ask but do you think it's an easier trick.

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: I think it’s an easy to do trick
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  • Paul asks: Are other decks useable, or only bikes? Can I construct my own with other decks with the instruction?

    • 1. Joshua answers: The last deck produced can be any deck, but the first two need to be Bicycle decks.
    Post an answer to this question
  • Paul asks: How durable are the gimmicks?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The trick has not been released yet, so it's impossible to tell I'm afraid. But, as ever, with Vanishing Inc. if you are not happy with a purchase you can return it. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Christopher asks: Can this gimmick be used with any deck box?

    • 1. Dottore answers: You get two gimmicks, one red, and one blue, ready to use. They are Bicycle brand boxes. In theory, you could make up your own gimmicks in any box, if you are skilled in DIY projects.
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  • Philip asks: Is there any arts and crafts involved or is it ready to use out of the box?

    • 1. Dylan answers: The description says "Ready-to-use." So if there were arts and crafts, it would be false advertisement.
    • 2. Joshua answers: They're are definitely arts & crafts required, so I don't know what the ad is talking about. You must destroy a blue box (not provided) and glue part of it to another box (also not provided). You must also affix gimmicks to the interior of one of the boxes, which I did not find easy to do.
    • 3. Gary answers: Having reviewed the video for this there are some arts and crafts necessary to prepare the "regular card box" for the gimmicks.
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  • Michael asks: To clarify, it comes with both a red and blue bicycle deck gimmick?

    • 1. Dottore answers: Yes.
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  • Rick asks: Can you end up with 4 actual decks that are usable?

    • 1. Joshua answers: Only the last deck is usable.
    • 2. Barry answers: Look at the answer to the second question.
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  • Tom asks: The video is more or less magician in front of camera and no spectators nearby. I can understand that's to show the trick off more clearly. Meanwhile, are there concerns with angles. Can you do this where the audience is more spread out and surrounding you than you expected?

    • 1. Joshua answers: You can't have anyone behind you. The best angle is in front of you.
    • 2. Liam answers: The angles are 180 so just in front of you.??
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  • Scott asks: Can it be done in reverse, to vanish a deck of cards while holding two?

    • 1. Dottore answers: Theoretically, yes. But you would have to work out the handling.
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  • Malcolm asks: Is the remaining deck that’s left a full pack of normal cards or would I need to remove something extra to use them for a different trick?

    • 1. Joshua answers: The remaining deck is a full pack of cards, but one of the sides of the deck will need to remain hidden. It's one of the thin sides, the spine.
    • 2. Mike answers: When you say "one of the sides of the deck will need to remain hidden" do you mean one side of the box or the cards? I want to know if you can load the final appearing box with a gimmicked deck of your choice
    Post an answer to this question

    • 1. Joshua answers: You activate the gimmick with one hand, but you'll need your other hand to put the produced card boxes away. You could set the produced decks down with one hand, but I think it's better to put them away.
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  • Stanley asks: How much pocket space does it take up?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: The same a regular deck take
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  • Stanley asks: Does the tutorial teach a presentation/ justification for producing multiple card boxes but only one full deck? I might be missing something but the trick just doesn't make sense to me. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

    • 1. Darren answers:
    • 2. Darren answers: Above is a review and a performance. Hope this helps. Btw I have pre ordered this.
    • 3. Darren answers: I don't think your audience will ever know there are no cards in the boxes.
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  • Caleb asks: Is it possible to make the deck appear without holding one already? Or do you have to be holding a deck to make the second one appear?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: You must hold the deck
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