Ultimate Oil and Water

Trick by Anthony Owen
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Ultimate Oil and Water

29.95 usd

Trick by Anthony Owen (29.95)

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Ultimate Oil and Water - magic
Ultimate Oil and Water Ultimate Oil and Water Ultimate Oil and Water Ultimate Oil and Water Ultimate Oil and Water Ultimate Oil and Water

Praised by Derren Brown and David Berglas, this is quite possibly the best Oil and Water sequence ever constructed.

Anthony Owen had a natural gift for approaching card magic from innovative angles. His uncanny ability to streamline and simplify effects allowed him to distill them down to something that was as close to real magic as possible. This has never been more evident than with “Ultimate Oil And Water.”

This routine is poetry in motion. All of the clutter has been removed to make it direct and visual with basically no movement. Combined with beautiful subtleties and convincers, it genuinely looks like real magic.

As Derren Brown put it: “Anthony Owen’s Oil and Water is the cleanest you'll ever see.”

Three red cards and three black cards are slowly and fairly mixed. Without any suspicious or fishy movements, they manage to magically unmix themselves. This repeats in increasingly impossible fashion until, for the jaw-dropping finale, you perform with the cards face up!

There’s even a special bonus handling where you can allow your audience to watch the action from below a glass table.

And the best part? The special gimmicked Bicycle cards take care of all the hard work for you. It’s super easy to do. No complex sleight of hand is required.

Anthony passed away far too young in 2019 and it’s a privilege to honor his legacy with this remastered “Ultimate Oil and Water” project. You’ll learn all the subtleties, thinking, and nuances that make this a perfect packet trick in a detailed 22-minute download. As a special bonus, this remastered version also includes an extra accessory for creating your own gimmicks out of any of your favorite playing cards in seconds.

Enjoy pure, direct, and amazing magic at its finest. Get “Ultimate Oil and Water” by Anthony Owen today.

“The best Oil and Water routine I've ever seen.” David Berglas

“Anthony Owen’s “Ultimate Oil and Water” routine is one of the fairest looking, most baffling versions I have ever seen or used. It consistently fools and enthralls all who see it whilst building theatrically at every phase. The final revelation is so amazing people go WILD. Frankly, I'd prefer it if Anthony kept this one quiet!” Nicholas Einhorn


Customer reviews for Ultimate Oil and Water



I note that this is again Out of Stock. Its THAT popular. So this review is kinda "Look What You COULD Have Won...." Its VERY pretty. Sooooo simple and elegant that I like just playing with it. The gimmick is, erm, obvious when you know but then it does elevate what is a brilliant effect. A lot of "magicians" hate Oil and Water and I would say to them - remember what its like to be a spectator. Larry Jennings gives a superb justicifation for his routine and I feel that srill gives this effect life. In fact, I am off to perform this version now. When its back in stock buy it. Simple as that.



I had been thinking about getting this for a while now and I am so glad I did because it is in my opinion one of the best oil and water trick's out there, the teaching from Anthony is very clear an concise and only takes a little bit of practice and you also get the special something to make up your own cards when the current ones wear out comes highly recommended.


Laura Bautista

Wow! Super clever! I always thought that the hand sleights in the Oil and Water routines were very suspicious to the eyes of the spectator, who saw that the cards were not placed on the table sincerely. This routine has devised the perfect and foolproof way so that the magician practically does not have to do anything and the spectator cannot believe what they see in front of his eyes. Furthermore, thanks to Vanishing Inc we not only have the set of gimmicks but it includes what is necessary so that we can adapt it to our repertoire with the cards that we choose. Incredibly wonderful!

VI Monthly


I’ve been studying and collecting methods for Oil and Water for a while and this has to be probably one of the best and most direct ones.

A quick 3-phase routine. It seems a bit complicated at the beginning but after running through the short video, with cards and gimmicks in hand a few times you start to realize that there’s a rhythm to it which makes getting the muscle memory down quite easy.

The 3rd phase is a bit more challenging as it breaks the pattern and you’ll need to use a bit of memory to remember the right sequence but nothing too hard than a little bit of practice won’t do.

If you want a small packet effect that hits hard this is it!



A great approach to a time tested card favorite of magicians world wide. I am not a big fan of card effects but, I LOVE this ultimate Oil and Water close up magic!





Great explanation, when my cards arrive I will have to Practice, its great Oil & Water, Thanks





This really is the ultimate oil and water for me. Examinable at the start and as clean as it gets. That last phase done face up is ridiculous. If you want you spectators to react by saying things like "but how! He didn't do anything!!" then this is for you, because that's what strong magic does!!!



The downloading is a bit convoluted because it apparently doesn't work with Firefox, and having 2 downloads was confusing as after the 1st I had to go back to the download page, other than that it went fairly smoothly.



I have been doing versions of Oil and Water for many years, using simple slights, and audience management to achieve a multi-phase routine that is a part of a longer full deck routine. Anthony Owen’s packet routine, however, is an excellent, stand-alone bit for walk-around or table hopping. The box itself contains a packet of cards and a very useful tool to make a gaff card. Yes, there is a bit of craft work, but it is extremely simple, and all the needed equipment is provided. The multi-phase routines taught in the video, using the gaff card you make, are simple, direct and very effective, allowing you to focus on presentation rather than manipulation. Also note that the “tool” to make the gaff is incredibly useful and has applications that go far beyond the oil and water routines in the video for anyone with imagination. Overall, a very good package, that, in my opinion, includes both a very good multi-phase packet version of Oil and Water, but includes an equally valuable tool with many creative uses.

VI Monthly




Part of the video explanation gives the method for creating the required gimmicked packet of cards, so I made my own after purchasing Ultimate Oil and Water and downloading the video from my Vanishing Inc Magic account. That is very easy to do, and will mean that even if the cards wear out, you can quickly renew the packet as necessary. As for the method of the trick, the effect is very strong, especially when laying out the cards face-up (Phase III). Note: The late Anthony Owen made this look easy; I have discovered it is challenging for me, and will require dedicated practice. It will be worth it. Highly recommended, and I hope much of the proceeds from the sales of this product will go to Anthony's loved ones. Rest in Peace, Sir.






VI Monthly


Excellent Oil and Water explanation with a clear three phase routine. I was glad that there was also an explanation of how to make other sets of cards for this routine. It is always useful to have additional sets in case these get worn or some cards get misplaced. The explanation of alternative routines with a special card was also a helpful addition leaving some choice to how to perform the routine. As always with Vanishing, Inc., the packaging and materials provided were outstanding.



Simply great !



extremely clever and deceptive, best oil and water ever.

VI Monthly




I rarely write reviews, but this purchase is so ambivalent that I think others should know beforehand.

First of all: the trick is great! But the tutorial is horrible. I can't remember ever seeing such a bad tutorial, which is a shame, because you can't accuse Anthony of lack of care at all. It's more like he's actually just demonstrating the trick in detail and probably thinks everyone can follow it.

Well, experienced magicians might be able to, but I couldn't, even though I'm really not a beginner anymore.

However, once you understand the routine, it is a trick that is very easy and has a great effect.



This is a good trick, however that explanation was not very detailed. He didn't really explain a whole lot, he just told you what he was doing. Horrible instructions. Also I would like to add the cards didn't come as he said in the video.


Community questions about Ultimate Oil and Water

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  • Juan asks: Maybe the coffee hasn't kicked in yet, but how are phase 1 and 2 different? Also, I have to ask the annoying question: does it use a version of rough and smooth, and are the cards examinable at any point. Thank you folks!

    • 1. Ron answers: I don't know the answer, but I just wanted to say that I had the exact same question.
    • 2. Emir answers: In the trailer, they are no different. In his original video, he showed three red cards in his hand, and then three black cards in the other hand, and mixed them up face down without showing the faces. The second phase is what you see in the trailer, where you show the faces of each card. Finally, the third phase is doing it face up. So it should be gradual. First phase just mix without showing the faces, which will make the spectators suspicious you "did something", than you "prove" you did nothing by showing the faces as you put them down. Finally, you do it face up. It doesn't make much sense to do it the same twice in a row, as in the trailer.
    • 3. Juan answers: Thank you all!
    • 4. Fredrick answers: Just to weigh in on your last question, cards are not rough and smooth.
    • 5. Jim answers: Let’s go back to Juan’s question. Are you telling us the video is wrong and we should have seen a different “original” ‘Phase One’? Because that’s what it sounds like you are saying…
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  • Victor asks: Can the spectator examine the cards?

    • 1. Juan answers: Just bought it, actually the cards are examined at the beginning. It is part of the routine.
    • 2. Emir answers: No, they cannot. But you can always do a switch. I've been doing this effect live, for people, in coffee shops (I have a video on my youtube), and not once were I asked to give the cards away for inspection. As the effect is so clean.
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  • Bud asks: If this question even partially exposes the method, do not post an answer. Question: Is this trick in any way related to any version of 3-card 'Monte'?

    • 1. Fredrick answers: None that I am aware of….
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  • Vince asks: This has been a discontinued effect for several years. My question is why is the price considerably more expensive than when it was originally available?

    • 1. Steve answers: I don't have this trick. But clues are in the text. Did the original have these? > remastered 'Ultimate Oil and Water' project. > pre-made gimmicks > a detailed 30-minute download taught by our own Andi Gladwin. > As a special bonus, ... also includes an extra accessory for creating your own gimmicks out of any of your favorite playing cards in seconds.
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  • Stephen asks: Do you have to hold the cards in the palm of your hand as shown in the video? My fingers have been amputated (real "slight" of hand. Also are there any moves you need to learn?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The cards do need to be held in the palm as in the video, while there are very little moves the cards need to be held in a certain way
  • David asks: Once the cards wear out, is it easy to make up your own gimicked cards?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, The Gimmicks are easily made up
  • Dave asks: It's a good thing you discuss making additional sets of cards... mine arrived yesterday and are not setup to work out of the box... was that intentional, have others experienced this as well?

    • 1. Dave answers: You can nuke this question if you want - the live answer I got was that you make 'em from what you're sent -- not a bad thing, was just making sure.
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  • Richard asks: Does this differ in any way from his SOBW as pubilished in his FABULOUS book Secrets?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The methods are the same.
  • Lawrence asks: Is the handling taught with this the same SOBW as published in his book Secrets?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I believe the handling is very similar with a couple of small differences
  • Daniel asks: Is this someone with little or no magic experience can do?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are no "difficult" moves in it, but if you are not very experienced, you might be better off with another option. For less money, you could get Card College, which is widely thought of as the best introduction to card magic: https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/card-magic/card-college-volumes-1-5/#individual-150 Additionally, we offer some free magic for beginners, this might appeal? https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/easy-magic-tricks/free-easy-magic-tricks-bundle/ If you have further questions, please drop our Support Wizards an email (wizards@vanishingincmagic.com). Every one of them is a magician, and will be very happy to help you find something suitable!
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