Trick by Mark Traversoni
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Trick by Mark Traversoni (39.95)

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Unboxed - magic
Unboxed Unboxed Unboxed Unboxed Unboxed

The smash-hit of Blackpool is now available worldwide. Peek AND steal a signed playing card from inside a card box with lightning speed.

"Unboxed" is a devious magic utility device from Mark Traversoni. All of the cards go in the box, and one card gets discreetly stolen out. What you do with it afterwards is up to you. Load it into a wallet, a sealed envelope, mystery boxes, a block of ice, whatever you want.

Think you've seen this before? Think again

Mark Traversoni's "Unboxed" uses some innovative out-of-the-box thinking (see what we did there?) to create a practical game-changing solution for a classic idea. It does everything other similar effects do...and more!

"Unboxed" allows you to steal out your participant's card flat or even mercury folded. It comes ready to go out of the box and includes an online tutorial that teaches you everything you'd need to start blowing minds.

No Palming Alternative

Not a huge fan of palming? Don't worry. There's a no-palm alternative taught that allows you to get the card from the box into a sealed envelope in your wallet.

With or Without a Deck Switch

One of the biggest benefits of "Unboxed" is that it gives you the option to have a card selected and signed from the same pack of cards that goes back into the box. However, if you'd feel more comfortable performing with a totally normal deck, you can always perform "Unboxed" with a deck switch.

Squeaky Clean Displays

You can clearly shows other loose and individual cards as your participant pushes their signed card in anywhere in the deck. There are no blocks of cards that prevent the card from going back in.

No Angle Restrictions

There are no angle restrictions to worry about either. Openly holding the box at your fingertips, you can have the participant's card inserted from any angle without any fear of flashing. You can be fully surrounded without fear.

Comes Ready To Go

"Unboxed" comes ready to go out-the-box. It is made from high-quality Bicycle playing cards in red or blue. These premium cards will last you a long time. And, when they do need to get replaced, it won't cost you a thing. The "Unboxed" principle can be applied to any deck of cards you want. So, you can create your own without having to buy expensive refills. You'll never have to worry about it being out of stock or discontinued.


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The only reason I am giving this a less than excellent rating is because. Primary video to teach by Mark Traversoni is just aweful, sounds like a small room with no furniture in there, very tin-can sound. The trick is rather good once you can through the first teaching video, I have a similar device this does allow myself to be a little more freedom of the cards.


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