Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallarino
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Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallarino (34.95)

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Unhanded - magic
Unhanded Unhanded Unhanded Unhanded Unhanded

"Unhanded" is the ultimate card control utility that allows you to control a playing card while the deck is in your spectator's hands.

They can cut or overhand shuffle however much they want. The card can even be signed. To make things even more difficult, they'll even put the cards back in the box to make sure the deck is "sleight of hand proof". Yet, thanks to "Unhanded", you will still have complete control of the card.

Just kick back and toss your feet up while the hard work is handled for you. The card will always be under your control.

You can also use "Unhanded" for a devious peek, sneaky card steal, card penetration, card vanish or even a hands-off card transpo. Whether you're a magician or mentalist, this is a super versatile card magic tool.

The more than 2 hour included instruction video includes a variety of routines for all skill levels. From easy card tricks and no-sleight routines for beginner magicians, to more advanced routines for experienced magicians. It resets instantly, so it's perfect for table hopping close-up magic and street magic.

IMPORTANT: "Unhanded" is designed to be used with Red Bicycle Playing Cards.


Customer reviews for Unhanded



When i did buy this i tought, if it can do half of what is noted, it will be worth it's money. Now that i have it i can say that the gimmick is very well made and should last you a long time. But and you even get instructions of how to build one yourself in case it breaks or wears out. The instructions are extended and very well done. I performed one of the basic tricks with this and it did get the best reactions i had in a long time. This was the best purchase i have done in the last 3 years !



A simply genius idea - simple to do (although will still require some practise to make sure it works every time) and an incredibly versatile utility device.

Great work!



I'm glad I picked this up before it went out of stock again. This is one of the best products that came out this year. This is not a trick, but a system or a utility. Imagine being able to control a card totally hands free. This is what unhanded is.



A great princibal utility device, weather you use the methods taught which is all is explained in there video tutorial, or come up with your own ideas, simple but clever, and easy to use and to perform with. Negatives: The special substance is cheap and easy to replace, but unfortunatley will only last a few performances. The Gaff card wasn't completely stuck when I received this. The tuc box flap lid will not close up, and this is without the gimmicked card, so when using this as a regular deck, then just be careful when you go to take this out off your jacket pocket during table hopping, so that the cards don't go flying out, So due to the gaffed tuc box not being big enough to comfortably take a full deck, and the gimicked card, this needs to be perfected by the manafacturer.


Community questions about Unhanded

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  • Bill asks: Is this a gimmick or and actually slight of hand?

    • 1. Mathieu answers: Since everything is happening in spectator’s hands, there is obviously a gimmick in play. Jean Pierre Vallarino is an extremely talented magician, very underrated. I don’t know exactly what Unhanded is, but from seeing his work, I know you can’t go wrong with a Vallarino idea.
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  • Dr. Sagathevan asks: Do you have to wear long sleeves to use the utility tool?

    • 1. Jim answers: No.
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  • Pascal asks: If I buy one of these, is it possible for me to adapt or replicate the gimmick with another brand of cards? I don't use bicyle, so I can't use it like this. But I am fairly good at DIY ...

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you're good at DIY it is possible to adapt the gimmick to another brand of cards at your own discretion.
  • Greg Wei-You asks: Does the gimmick require refills or will the gimmick last a life time? Say for example I allow the spectator to sign the chosen card.

    • 1. Evan answers: There is one small bit of maintenance that you'll need to do once in a while, but it is very, very simple and quick. Everything else will wear like any other gimmick that's made of paper, which is to say, eventually.
    • 2. Don answers: The way that I see it is that the gimmick itself will not need replacing. I think the only thing that you'll have to replace are the regular cards that get signed out of your own red Bicycle deck.... totally guessing here.
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  • Gene asks: With Unhanded can I perform signed card to sealed envelope in my wallet?

    • 1. Jim answers: Sure, that is possible. You would have to work out your own routine.
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  • Kevin asks: can this be preformed by a begginer

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It might take a little practice, but Unhanded can be accomplished by a beginner
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