Very Hush-Hush

Book by John Bannon
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Very Hush-Hush

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Book by John Bannon ($65.00)

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Very Hush-Hush - magic
Very Hush-Hush Very Hush-Hush Very Hush-Hush Very Hush-Hush Very Hush-Hush

John Bannon is back with 40 powerhouse card tricks featuring his signature blend of maximum impact and minimum effort. Little to no sleight of hand is required for all of the gems in Very Hush-Hush.

“Very Hush-Hush contains some absolute killers! Easy to do and utterly fooling…my kind of magic. Bannon is so clever!” Andy Nyman

While John’s more than 40-year career has seen him amass a long list of bestsellers under his belt, Very Hush-Hush might just be some of his most innovative work to date. This gorgeous hardcover book offers more than 260 pages of trademark John Bannon card magic that is powerful enough for pros, while remaining easy enough for beginners.

Broken up into five large sections, Very Hush-Hush has something for everyone from impossible location effects (including some that can even be performed virtually) to stunning multiple-revelation prediction tricks. You’ll even take a journey through the world of mental magic with cards. The latter features one of our favorite routines in the book, a unique pasteboard-driven take on the Magic Square that doesn’t even require any numbers (yes, you read that correctly).

Very Hush-Hush * is bursting with cunning, miracle-level performance pieces. Along the way, you’ll also learn a variety of helpful sleights and subtleties such as false shuffles and false cuts, switches, and other versatile moves. Everything is super easy. Nothing in this book requires hours (or days/weeks) of practice to get the hang of.

Like everything John Bannon releases, Very Hush-Hush is a joy to read. His familiar third-person, tongue-in-cheek approach makes learning each trick feel like a conversation as opposed to studying from a textbook. The expert instruction is accompanied by beautiful black-and-white photographs that make learning a breeze. This book has style and is a worthy addition to any magic library.

Once you have a chance to read through it, you’ll likely be mad that we’re bringing this book to the masses. Very Hush-Hush by Johh Bannon is one of those books you’ll wish that you could keep to yourself. Get yourself a copy now and dive in before your friends uncover this treasure trove of commercial card magic!

“Very Hush-Hush is another winner from John Bannon. For those of you looking for baffling routines that won’t bust your chops, or for lovers of elegantly constructed card magic, this book is a must-buy. Highly recommended.” Michael Close

“I consider John Bannon one of today’s greatest creative minds in magic.” Howard Hamburg

Hardcover | 7in x 10in | 260+ Pages | B&W Photos | Cloth-Bound | Pictorial Dust Jacket


Customer reviews for Very Hush-Hush



Oh man.. I wasn’t sure about this when I got the email because I wasn’t to familiar with John Bannon and I don’t really do mentalist stuff. I just got paid and decided to just grab it, I grab just about every book that’s predominantly card magic these days . I got it yesterday and I LOVE IT, I can’t put it down the stuff in here is so clever. It’s going to take me down a whole new wormhole of material .I grabbed one of his downloads the same I just wish some of his other books were still available. I’m so excited about this book I plan to thoroughly pick it clean. I SEE YOU JOHN BANNON!! I got my copy in 3 days too! Thanks vanishing inc!



This is probably my favourite book purchase from vanishing inc( and I've bought a good few)The tricks taught are so clever with little to no card sleights. This is a must have for anyone interested in card magic and/or mentalism!



Gold material with an incredibly high pain to glory ratio. Bannon has done it again. Nice treatment of instructional images. I had some gripes about Queen Spirit but this book is one I will treasure forever. He’s truly a great thinker when it comes to card magic, and as always an enjoyable read.



Bannon did it again. I’m not even half way through the book, but I’m fully on board. Already worth the price. Somehow Bannon manages to take principles and methods we’ve all known about for years and turn them into pure simplistic astonishment that feels new.



Premium card magic material from one of the best creators and writers working today. Not only does John Bannon know how to squeeze a ton of effect out of minimal method, but he's so good at explaining it clearly. I'm excited to start performing these routines out in the real world. As described, these are easy to do with little to no sleight of hand or difficult math work. Really loving this book and I'm only halfway into it. Can't wait to see what awaits in the second half. Highly recommended!


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