Vision Box 2.0

Trick by Joao Miranda
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Vision Box 2.0

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Trick by Joao Miranda (75.00)

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Vision Box 2.0 - magic
Vision Box 2.0 Vision Box 2.0 Vision Box 2.0 Vision Box 2.0 Vision Box 2.0 Vision Box 2.0

Joao Miranda's revolutionary, see-through card-to-impossible-location box is now better than ever!

When Joao first introduced this innovative device in 2016, magicians immediately fell in love. For the first time ever, you could now perform an invisible switch of a card that was in full view up until the last moment—without any awkard moves.

The Vision Box fooled both laymen and magicians alike.

Now, the Vision Box 2.0 is here and brings with it a new construction and many technical improvements that make for a much improved switch.

"Vision Box 2.0 is unbelievable. I Highly recommend it." Dani Daortiz

Improvement 1
Unlike other similar boxes where the card is usually 2D and flat, Vision Box 2.0 allows you to truly show a full card, fold it into quarters and place it inside the box. This looks more like a real prediction than ever. It has all the right folds and looks real, even close-up.

Improvement 2
You'll never have to worry about the piece moving from its position when you pick it up to make the switch because tiny magnets have been added to the base to ensure the prediction locks in place.

Improvement 3
The lid is 2x thicker, making it more secure and resistant than ever.

Improvement 4
New construction allows the Vision Box 2.0 to be set up easier and faster on the go. A new tool allows you to set up the box in less than 3 seconds. You can even reset the box in complete darkness.


Customer reviews for Vision Box 2.0

VI Monthly


Switching devices have to solve two problems: Allowing for a natural production of the switched-in item while leaving no conceivable trace of the switched-out item. Vision Box 2.0 scores an A+ on the latter and and at least an A on the former. The accompanying video offers various handlings, but there's room for lots of experimentation for the user to customize the handling to personal preferences as well as performing conditions. This is diabolically clever. So if you accept the illogical premise of having a signed, selected card in full view even before the card is selected — and I do — I know of no better version.



When I received this in the mail I was pretty excited to finally see the improvements, and while they are nice improvements, I am not satisfied with my particular unit. The box I have received seems to have slipped past the QC team, unfortunately. The secret part of the box is cut uneven and just looks bad. A skeptical spectator will figure it out easily.
So it would seem that I am just going to be using the first version of the vision box, which is excellent.


Community questions about Vision Box 2.0

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  • Charles asks: Does this magical-looking piece of apparatus to anything for make things easier for us who who love the card to impossible location plot but who struggle to do a neat and surreptitious M___ C___ F___?

    • 1. George answers: This effect still requires that the card be folded. But if a Mercury card fold is too difficult them just tell your spectators that you will attempt to find their card behind your back. As long as you firstly control card to top of deck before you put behind your back you are in great shape. You simply fold card like you would in a Mercury. Really easy.
    • 2. Michael answers: For help with getting a good MCF, I recommend that you check out either The Bullet by Todd Lamanske and / or Perfect Score by Jon Allen. They are devices that allow you to gently score the back of the card and make getting a perfect fold easy. You can do this on your own with a blade and ruler, but either of the devices will make it much easier.
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  • Stanley asks: Will the performer be able to dump the folded card into the spectator's hands?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I believe that the taught version is done by pulling the card from the box. You may be able to work out your own handing for dumping the card out.
  • Arny asks: can the box be handed out for inspection

    • 1. Jim answers: Casual examination, yes.
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  • Christopher asks: If in use rubber cement can this be customized a second time?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It can be customized.
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