Williamson's Wonders

Book by David Williamson and Richard Kaufman
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Williamson's Wonders

59.95 usd

Book by David Williamson and Richard Kaufman (59.95)

In stock.

After years of requests from magicians, this legendary book has finally been reprinted!

The staggering amount of strong material in this thin but dense volume makes it a perennial favorite on EVERYONE’s list. Ask ANYBODY for his or her favorite magic books, and this one will be near the top.  

Why? Because Williamson has a rare gift for plot innovations. Take the Card to Pocket plot. His “Fifty-one Cards to Pocket” is a modern twist, in which you cause every card EXCEPT a selected one to jump into your pocket. It’s simple yet ingenious.  

And while you probably already know David’s Striking Vanish (it is described here in great detail), you may be less familiar with the various applications included. Lots of great ideas.

His Cups and Balls (using only two cups) is hilarious and deceptive.

David’s “Three Card Trick” is also a modern classic, and a fine effect where magic happens DESPITE your best efforts.

If you don’t own this book, you really should. It’s a quick read, and not everything is easy, but it’s a book full of commercial magic that the top professionals in our field use to make a living.


Customer reviews for Williamson's Wonders



There has been a recent wave of classic OOP books being re-printed (and long might the trend continue), this slim volume should not be overlooked. Williamson is a genius, there is little more to be said. In this book you will find the source for sleights you may think you know, like his strike vanish, and I'm sure you will find small subtleties to improve your performance, as I have. I recommend this book because old is new again.



Long out of print, I thought I'd never find a copy. I'm so grateful it was reprinted. As usual with Kaufman's writing and illustrations, it was clear and conscise. It's not a thick book, 96 pages. But it is packed with real world ideas that we all can use. Five stars from me.



This long out of print volume, which as a used book has recently commanded incredible prices on the web, is worth every penny of it's price. The decision by Richard Kaufman to reprint it should be appreciated by those of us that have looked for a copy at an affordable price over the last few years. Though less than 100 pages long, it contains 23 effects and routines, including some variations and additional information on several. Highlights for me as someone who does a lot of coin work are in the section on coins which includes some outstanding concepts on vanishes, an excellent purse routine involving coper and silver coins, a great transposition routine called “The Change Bag,” the author’s “Floating Assembly” routine, and a wonderful card and coin routine titled “Don’t Cut Me Out.” But the best routine by far in the book is Williamson’s great two-cup take on the classic cups and balls. This routine alone is work the price of book. It is a master class on performance and entertaining with magic. This book belongs in any dedicated magicians library.



I am so grateful that this book was reprinted. I wanted a copy for so many years and they go for ridiculous prices on the internet. I had a pdf copy which I have read and studied so I know most of the effects but holding the book I my hands is pure... Magic! This is a classic and all the magic is excellent. It's well written and the reprint is great! Thank you!


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  • Thomas asks: I have Daves masters class and David live,is there something different in this book

    • 1. Jeremiah answers: There are indeed a few things not covered. Williamson's Wonders features a lot of his older work. Some of it he still does not, but a good deal of it will be new to anyone not familiar with 80's/90's Dave Williamson. E.g., his full, sit-down, competition coin and purse routine is in the book and hasn't been published since.
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