BKM Wallet (Balducci | Kaps | Mullica)

Accessory by Murphy's Manufacturing
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BKM Wallet (Balducci | Kaps | Mullica)

69.95 usd

Accessory by Murphy's Manufacturing (69.95)

In stock.

Designed with the worker in mind, this wallet combines the BEST OF KAPS/BALDUCCI AND A NEW TWIST ON THE MULLICA INSERT!

Made of genuine lamb-skin. Kaps loader is built into wallet. Use as your everyday wallet. Has credit card slots and looks normal in every way. Has matching checkbook cover for the Mullica insert. Comes with illustrated book of routines!

Some Words From The Pros...

It`s great! I'll be using it alot!Allan Ackerman
I`m impressed wit this prop. It works well and looks great. If you're in the market for a card to wallet, wallet, the B*K*M wallet is worth your serious consideration.Mike Close
This new wallet is cool. The use of the credit card as a guide is ingenious. It's well made, comes with an illustrated booklet of clever routines. You won't be disappointed.Mike Powers

Addendum to instructions: The BKM wallet does not come with a slide as described in the instructions. Instead, any credit card can be used.

Customer reviews for BKM Wallet (Balducci | Kaps | Mullica)



Be careful when ordering this. Mine did NOT come with the Mullica insert. The very responsive VI customer service eventually figured out that this Wallet is no longer produced as advertised or as seen in the video.

Everything else is there but the Mullica Cheque-book is NOT included anymore as far as I know.

Good build quality etc... just missing a key piece.



You can't tell from the photo what a classy item this is. Not only the the material, but the build quality is top shelf. I've seen way too many overpriced wallets that look like they were hand-sewn by street urchins who never saw a wallet and didn't know what it was used for.

On the side with the zipper compartment (the "Balducci/Kaps" side), there is an acetate id window (this alone separates it from much of the competition; lack of one makes wallets look fake) and a stack of credit card slots that have a an actual seam - they're not just slits cut into an overlay panel. As noted, the credit card guide is a really nice touch.

The "Mullica" side uses a leather checkbook cover for the insert - it's even made to allow you to lock the card in place so you can drop the insert and show both hands empty.

But for all that, you know what the the real miracle here is?

The price. How such a great wallet can be sold this cheaply truly mystifies me. If you like Card to Wallet, I have to think you'll love this wallet.


Community questions about BKM Wallet (Balducci | Kaps | Mullica)

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  • Tyler asks: Does the wallet come with a slide or do I have to use a credit card

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Addendum to instructions: The BKM wallet does not come with a slide as described in the instructions. Instead, any credit card can be used.
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  • George asks: Why do the "words from the pros" all end with Question Marks? Must be a formatting error. Looks weird. The best is Mike Powers: "You won't be disappointed?"

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Fixed! Thank you.
  • Najee asks: Just to be clear, does the wallet still come with the Mullica wallet? I read a review here that says it does not; yet it is still advertised. Please clarify.

    • 1. Jim answers: Apparently, the creator confirmed this is not supposed to come with inner small wallet.
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  • Gerardo asks: Does this still come with the illustrated booklet of routines?

    • 1. Jim answers: There is a digital PDF available, in addition to a video. The PDF has several photos and two drawings in it.
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  • Jean-Guy asks: I have a Mullica Wallet from Heinz Minten. Can it's small inner wallet be used with the BKM wallet ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's possible, but the sizing might be off a little bit.
  • David asks: Can a mobile phone be loaded into this wallet/will it fit?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It could be produced from the Mullica wallet.
  • Matt asks: There is a zipper compartment correct?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Correct
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