Chris Congreave Live "At the Table" Lecture

Live lecture by Chris Congreave
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Chris Congreave Live "At the Table" Lecture

7.95 usd

Live lecture by Chris Congreave (7.95)

Haven't heard of Chris Congreave? You won't forget him after this At The Table lecture!

Chris is ready to share some of his go-to effects from his 15 years as a professional close-up magician, including his preferred opener and a unique prop that will definitely grab audience attention.

Join us as you learn:

Tin Opener - An ideal quick opener using a jumbo coin production.

Drawn - Chris' new card opener at tables, already used by working pros.

Name Badge - An I.D. badge with a face-down card in it and...well, you'll see!

Card to (Almost) Any Number - Blow their minds with this self-working number.

Coin to Impossible Location - A signed coin appears inside a locked box.

Marked Deck - This a real worker with an ending that no one sees coming.

Free Phone - A propless variant of the Free Will plot that ensures you'll get a booking agent's contact info! 

Diminished Most Likely - A variation of Paul Gordon's "Diminished Not Likely" that ends with an astounding four-card transposition.

Impromptu Anniversary Waltz - A variant of Anniversary Waltz that you can perform without gaffs!

Signed Card to Tin - They find a signed card in a small tin. A great callback effect to Tin Opener!

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  • Gareth asks: I have just brought this lecture and I really enjoyed it. The trick he does at the end (Infra Red) is amazing and l want to learn it. Where can you get it? I can't find it anywhere

    • 1. Jim answers: I have looked for it too. No idea where it is. Sorry!
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  • Rodney asks: Is this just a lecture or is it tutorials as well?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: In the lecture, you learn many effects and theory.
  • Ian asks: Could you please clarify which of the tricks are taught and which are not?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: All of the effects are taught.
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