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David Williamson Live

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Magic download (video) by David Williamson ($18.00)

David Williamson is, quite possibly, the greatest living magician. He is one of our absolute favorites because he is a master of technique, hilarious, and strikingly original.

That is why we're so pleased to have the worldwide exclusive on this tremendous live lecture footage. For $15 you receive the FULL 1.5 HOUR LECTURE. You will see Williamson performing a stunning spoon bend routine (that resets for table work!), a sugar and cup routine, two astounding card tricks and his tips on the Top Change, which is truly worth the price of the whole download. And, of course, you get Williamson’s crazy antics between each piece.

Filmed by Bob Hamilton in 2007 at the Southport IBM Convention, this is a great opportunity to see David Williamson at his absolute best. If you've seen him lecture, you'll appreciate just how much fun it is. If you haven't, you're in for a real treat.

It is so rare to see Williamson live, and his two studio DVDs don’t capture that element. This footage gives you a chance to see exactly what Williamson is like in performance and in a lecture situation. You will learn and you will laugh out loud.

Running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes. As this is live footage filmed in 2007, the quality is good, but not high-definition.


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Customer reviews for David Williamson Live



First, I rarely write a review on magic products over the years. It is even useless for the time in 2012 where we have giga bytes of instant downloads of magic secrets flood all over the internet, and many of them are free of charge.

However, I have to tell you guys to buy this one and treasure it.

It's Dave. One of the greatest magician in the history of magic, ever.

Watch and listen to his attention to details and his thoughts on magic knowledge from the Professor now can be yours too if you try to listen and understand.

I have learn so much from Dave as being his assistant of his lecture tour in 2009 (China) and I hope that you people can learn something from this lecture.




Dave Williamson is one of those magicians where, whenever I see something with his name on, I have incredibly high expectations, and yet he manages to exceed them every time.

This lecture contains some lovely tricks, is laugh out funny, and at the same time, deeply educational. How Dave manages to communicate deep ideas about theory while making you laugh your ass off is as astonishing as the tricks!

Essential viewing for anyone serious about their close up magic.



Are you kidding me? This lecture kills. For the price you absolutely can not beat it. There are so many little theological nuances. If your buying this to learn a lot of tricks its probably not for you. The effects that Mr. Williamson teaches are well worth the download alone. If your looking to see what real entertainment looks like and not just some tricks strung together than look no further. This is how you entertain.



If you want to watch a comedy sketch buy this... the teaching is awful since he covers each move with 5 minutes of rambling. Its almost like the magic is an after thought for this lecture. It would not recommend this lecture unless you can follow a fragmented teaching session with minor amounts of actual education.



David is the best! If you don't get this, you're missing out. You will learn so much from him just by hearing him talk!



First review I ever wrote on this site. David is an entertainer first and a magician second, I loved every minute of this. Absolute enjoyment, especially during 2020, in a year of despair globally, I
Purchased his penguin lecture in 2018 and can’t recommend that enough, but this one made me laugh 10x as much, his advice on the top change and the spoon and fork routine paid for the lecture, out of all the magicians, him and Dani daortiz are my favourite and this purchase was a roller coaster of great emotions. Thank you David, if you ever by some chance read this, you’re incredible.



As every Dave Williamson stuff, the magic and humour is great.
What REALLY bothers me about this video is the sound quality. It is very echoey and is rather tiring to listen to.
Quite disappointed by this as it ruins the video for me. Can't watch it all in one go.

David Williamson Live by David Williamson