Fingertip Muscle Pass

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Fingertip Muscle Pass

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Magic download (video) by Kainoa Harbottle and Colin McNamara ($10.00)

The muscle pass is the most elusive coin sleight. It's hard to do and it requires constant practice to maintain it. What Kainoa has developed is an alternative sleight that simulates the same thing--a coin defying gravity--but the move is now performed with the fingertips. You can use this incredible new technique to cause coins to become magnetic, to fly from hand to hand, or to defy gravity. Perhaps most interestingly, the sleight can be used invisibly to secretly transport coins from one hand to another. All of this is covered--including a fun guest appearance—in this terrific new download.

Running time: 16 minutes

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


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Have 2 other sources for this sleight but must rate this as the best so far. It can be found among a couple pages in his book "Cointopia" and he has a much shorter video (very generically shot but sufficient) on his website. This is done very professionally, well detailed and with context added to boot. Definitely worth the small investment even if you own the other 2 sources. This could easily replace the "much harder" (IMHO) "muscle pass" in most situations and is much more comfortable. 10/10 from me.



I saw this move on Ponta The Smith’s Sick when it came out, but never found where it is explained. Then a magician named Jeff Corn taught me the move in Las Vegas, but it was in 2011, but it was a really quick explanation so I didn’t get the little details. Even that the explanation is pretty short, is very clear and understandable. What I liked the most about the applications is to use it in a 3Fly. It’s a great move!



I was disappointed with this. The handlings were all good, and the quality of production was fine, but there was very little instruction on the actual move. If you're already on your way to being able to propel the coin this way, this video might be great for you. But if you're wanting to be really walked through making this look right, I think you might do better elsewhere.

Fingertip Muscle Pass by Kainoa Harbottle and Colin McNamara