Hacking Sack & Bolt

Magic download (video) by Curtis Kam
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Hacking Sack & Bolt

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Curtis Kam (12.00)

Sach's dice routine is a revered classic of close-up magic. It's a lovely routine showcasing pure sleight of hand, but it is rarely done well because it's rarely taught well. Curtis Kam's approach is the best we've seen, because the move is done in and out of the SPECTATOR'S hand. This small but critical improvement solves the main weakness of the classic routine--that everyone suspects the dice are gimmicked. By allowing the spectator to examine and hold the dice between every magical change, you essentially eliminate this suspicion. This is very smart thinking. Curtis has some wonderful touches on this routine, and this download is the perfect way to learn a close-up routine you can do that requires no cards, no coins, and no table.

As a BONUS, you also get Bolt: a very cool, simple effect in which a bolt eerily twists out of a nut. Made from things you can find at a hardware store for just a few dollars, this is a perfect interlude piece to perform between lengthier effects. Are you fooled? We were!


Customer reviews for Hacking Sack & Bolt



This is a fun piece to play with. I've done the Sachs' routine for years, and this is some very solid thinking about that trick.

Not too difficult to do and very clearly explained.

And the addition of the bolt trick is very nice. The explanation will make you laugh, but when you try it and it works, it's a blast.



Very good! Simple, straightforward magic with minimal props.



The methods for both tricks are great, and Curtis' thinking on the Sacks dice routine is great, but I'll be honest I mostly purchased this for the Bolt effect. As far as I can tell it's practical for closeup but buyer beware, I have thus far been totally unable to get the parts needed for this effect. Maybe large eyelet bolts are more of an American thing?

My advice would be to check how well stocked your local hardware stores are before deciding to get this for the bolt effect.


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  • Brian P. asks: I have a smaller version of this, and I always felt that the bolt vibrates too much. Is this issue solved due to the larger size of the bolt?

    • 1. Brian P. answers: I’m guessing it has the same problem since this question has gone unanswered by Vanishing Magic for so long.
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