Innocent (Download)

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Innocent (Download)

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Magic download (video) by Tae Sang ($15.00)

We first introduced you to Tae Sang through our Magicians of Asia series. This download is a comprehensive collection of his stunning coin magic.

No matter whether you are a beginner coin worker, or advanced, there is something here that you will love.

All of the routines can be done with regular coins. They require no gaffs. The teaching is very clear, with over-the-shoulder angles and English subtitles.

Exclusively at Vanishing Inc.. Previously only available as a DVD, you can now get "Innocent" as a download for less than half of the original price!

Contents of “Innocent” by Tae Sang

  • Dust Coin (Hanging Coin) 
  • Spell Bound 
  • C-SpellBound 
  • Copper & Silver 
  • Pure Wild Coin 
  • SCV Coin (CSB) 
  • 3 Coin Production

  • Middle/Ring Finger Curl Palm (AKA Nowhere Palm) 
  • Middle/Ring Finger Curl Subtlety (LTS) 
  • High/Low Edge Grip 
  • Retention Pass To Edge Grip 
  • Edge Grip Production 
  • Coin Roll Shuttle/Change (LTS) 
  • Coin Roll Subtlety 
  • Steeplechase Shuttle/Change (Harbottle) 
  • Edge Flip Placement (Harbottle) 
  • Edge Grip To Edge Grip Change (Townsend) 
  • Himber Vanish 
  • Air Himber Vanish (LTS) 
  • Jimmy Wilson Grip (AKA J.W Grip) 
  • Flat Thumb Palm 
  • Finger To Thumb Shuttle/Change 
  • Heel Clip Switch 
  • Soju Change (LTS)
  • Throwing Change (Ponta) 
  • Heel Clip Steal (LTS) 
  • Palm Up Steal (LTS) 
  • Coin Roll (Normal/Reverse/Backwards)
  • Edge Roll 
”Graceful and precise, this collection combines some great subtleties with strong visual magic. Some of the best coin magic I've seen in a while!" Kainoa Harbottle
"I was fooled many times. His routines are so clever and deceptive." Ponta The Smith

Language: Korean with English subtitles. Running time: 2 hours 50 minutes


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    David asks: 2 things email is being changed to could you please change it on your records. 2. I would like to buy the download "Innocence" for $15. but I have never downloaded anything. Not sure what to do? Thanks, D.Graves

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Customer reviews for Innocent (Download)



Wonderful download video!
Really...there are so many things in, between routines and technics/tips moves...Awesome (and for this can't don't try it ^^)
If you want to work your edge grip and some original color change so take it, this is more than 2 hours very well used, no rubbish sincerly!
Thanx you for this generous work!



?he effects are perfect...especially if you love ungimmicked coin magic. The problem is that some of those effects are mostly for camera because the angles are not bulletproof. I totally suggest it to anyone that wants to take his coin magic to the next level. There are sleights that you couldnt even imagine!



WARNING: No English Audio. says English Subtitles. I didn't realize how challenging it would be to try to read English subtitles while watching the about misdirection. However, this video has some great routines and clear view of the moves with the hands from the spectator view and the performer view. Good stuff, but know that it is challenging to watch through.

Innocent (Download) by Tae Sang