Kostya Kimlat's Okito Box Routine

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Kostya Kimlat's Okito Box Routine

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Magic download (video) by Kostya Kimlat ($10.00)

Fresh off his phenomenal performance on Penn and Teller's Fool Us, we are proud to present a brand new, unpublished routine by Kostya Kimlat. As you would expect, it's stunning, smart, quick, and visual. What you may not expect...is that it uses coins and an Okito Box. In fact, we'll even go a step further. This is the best Okito box routine we have ever seen. You know we don't like artificial hype at Vanishing Inc. Magic, and so when we say this, we mean it.

The plot is simple. Coins are "thrown" at an Okito Box and they penetrate inside, one by one. But what makes this routine so powerful is that it happens right under the noses of the spectators. No gaffed coins are used, and everything is clean, direct, and examinable between every phase. You can do this routine surrounded, in any circumstance, for kids or adults. In fact, we have great footage in the trailer of Kostya performing this trick on local television.

We love working with Kostya because he spends years perfecting his original magic. What you receive in this download is EVERY detail needed to perform, and a breakdown of every move required. Kostya so rarely releases new material that we feel honored to be the exclusive carrier of this wonderful piece of magic.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


Community questions about Kostya Kimlat's Okito Box Routine

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  • 1.

    Chas asks: What is the skill level for this piece to magic from 1-10

    • 1. Dottore answers: 6 or 7.
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  • 2.

    Greg asks: Is this routine taught for the original Okito box, or does he use a different variation?

    • 1. Dottore answers: All you need for the full routine is a normal Okito Box and four normal coins.
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  • 3.

    William asks: Does this routine require a mat or soft surface? Will it work directly on hard table-top?

    • 1. Dan answers: A soft surface would not be mandatory...however, the coins and box may have a tendency to bounce around more and possibly fly off of a hard surface. GREAT routine!
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  • 4.

    Jörn asks: Does this routine also works with a boston coin box ?

    • 1. James answers: It could, but why not use an Okito?
    • 2. Jörn answers: Because I only have a Boston Coin Box ??
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Customer reviews for Kostya Kimlat's Okito Box Routine



I am a coin guy. I hesitated on purchasing this but I am glad I did. This okito box routine is a direct real world worker. The three phase psychology and kick back at the end makes so much sense and is an entertaining little masterpiece. I love it.
Roy W Eidem



A truly solid routine! You can tell this is a real working pice of magic! I'm excited to perform this in my strolling gigs!



Top notch stuff.

Brilliant tutorial delivered with real style and knowledge of the subject.



The first time I saw it, I was completely fooled. The second time, I followed every move. In short, excellent for laymen, but don't show it twice to magicians.

Wright Neely



So I am at MagiFest and I am doing some Okito stuff and Kostya comes up, pulls out his own box (suprise in itself) and kicks my butt with a great routine. This is Commercial, great for walk around, and is entertaining. The man knows his stuff. There are lessons to be learned from this routine.



A lovely piece of magic! Very easy to understand and has amazing moment of magic! Great job!



A little masterpiece of closeup magic! Marvellous!



I finally got around to purchasing an Okito Box. I've checked out a lot of routines in a lot of books and videos, looking for a routine that I liked enough to practice. This is it. The effects are clear, and the work is clean. I often find Kostya's stuff daunting (his cull literally makes my jaw drop), but there's nothing too difficult here, as long as you can classic palm. You won't fool your proverbial magic friends (even I was able to figure out the mechanics just by watching the performance), but the routine is wonderfully deceptive and Kostya is an excellent teacher: thorough and encouraging. An easy buy.



I'm just getting into coin magic and got myself an okito box. The routine that it came with was poor... so I downloaded thus. Total steal. The simple 3 phase routine is simple to learn but hits hard. Learnt it yesterday performed it today with great results. Love it. This will be my routine for the okito box for a long time. As a coin magic beginner with a few sleights, this has made me feel like a pro and given me so much confident. You'll love it!!



Saw this as a great way to get reacquainted with the Okito box. Simple, clear, no wasted moves, good audience response. I like this tremendously.



Buy this one! It is excellent as Kostya gives it all away. His handling of the Okito Box is the best. You won't be sorry and will use this one for a very long time.



This is a wonderful routine. The moves are basic coin moves but that does not mean it is easy. The third coin (really second) to the box is a bit nacky to do convincingly. Timing and flow are crucial to this routine. Lots of presentational possibilities. Put the time in and you will have a very nice piece of magic.



If it's by Kostya there's is no doubt the money invested is worth it, however, why did he not create a closer view of the routine instead of his appearance on a TV Show. Could not see the phases enough to fully follow the routine. Come on Kostya, you're fans deserve better. Not angry, just disappointed in your choice of delivery.????????

Kostya Kimlat's Okito Box Routine by Kostya Kimlat