Magic download (video) by Josh Janousky
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Magic download (video) by Josh Janousky (12.00)

Special Offer: When you buy Phase, you will also get access to a bonus download called "Dimensional Gate". This is Josh's go-to way to vanish a borrowed credit card and you get to learn it for free.

A borrowed credit card is pushed through a borrowed bill. Simple, elegant, and impossible. That's "Phase" in a nutshell. With just one sleight-of-hand maneuver, the rest of the routine is slow and gorgeous, and it's a lovely piece of magic to have in your arsenal.

Florida magician Josh Janousky takes you through the entire routine step by step, including self-working alternatives, so that you can perform Phase within minutes of watching.

Works with any banknote (including plastic bills). Does require the simple construction of a small gimmick. Easy to learn and easy to perform.

Running time: 17 minutes, 25 seconds


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Official review from Genii Magazine

From the April 2016 Genii magazine. Reviewed byJoe M. Turner

While some of his earlier work has been published in The Linking Ring, this video download is Josh’s first marketed item. The effect is simple: a borrowed credit card appears to penetrate a (potentially borrowed) banknote. It’s fast, clean, and mystifying, but yes, you will need to secretly introduce a certain something. You’ll learn how to make it and how to handle it in this 17-minute video. Josh’s preference is simply to use your own bill and save the trouble of loading and stealing gimmicks, but it is possible to go with an all-borrowed approach, or to switch in your own bill secretly. As for the penetration, the initial melt-through moment is impressive. If you ever broke a “Misled” gimmick, you’ll appreciate the practicality and durability of this approach. I’ll be putting this in my wallet.

Copyright 2016 by The Genii Corporation.



Ridiculously BRILLIANT method to an age-old plot! I'm not sure that mentioning "everything can be borrowed" even matters because when you show both sides of the bill DURING the penetration; lay peoples' minds are already fried to a point of automatically eliminating the thought of the objects being gimmicked. You show a SINGLE bill (any currency, any denomination) and just fold it in half and jam a legit (borrowed or not) credit card right through the crease! The spectator can even grab the credit card as it penetrates and pull it through themselves, where they're left holding the most "heated" object in their own hands!!! You are 100% able to hand the bill out for examination, but the few times I've performed it (for close friends who know I'm shady as hell and using some sort of "method"); I've just dropped the bill on the table where it remains completely untouched by their hands as they curiously examine the credit card they saw slice right through it. I'm sure at some point, someone will want to give the bill a close which time I'll just stand back and smile! Mainly, because I CAN!!!!

Great little quick-hit that you'll be sure to keep in you at ALL times!



i just got phase its great i made it up and gimmick is nearly invisable. will do this all the time. price is great too can't wait to see what else josh comes out with



The gimmick is easy to make. His instruction is perfectly fine. Sadly, the adhesive he recommends left a black outline ruining the gimmick. Otherwise, it’s a great effect if that wasn’t an issue.



I’ve ordered magic from this site and Amazekids and, by far, Phase is the most disappointing.

Pros: Using your own bill - Performance shown. Well taught. Can be done under fire with a borrowed credit card. Using a borrowed bill - ending clean. Clean up explained well

Cons: Using your own bill - it can’t be examined without the ‘borrowed bill’ clean up as mentioned above. Using a borrowed bill - No performance shown. If more than one person you’ll be burned using the method shown. Audience looks where you look. It looks like something odd is going on.

There are a lot of dollar bill switches out there so do the one that you’re most comfortable with. Will I use it? With my own bill - Yes, for those times when no one wants to lend me a bill. Like I said, the method for ending clean is great. If I use it with a borrowed bill it’ll be as a new part of a multI-phase bill routine I do now.

My hat’s off to Josh for his twist on a ‘Card Thru Bill’. It was refreshing to see a young magician teaching something other than another card trick.


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