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Magic download (video) by Keelan Wendorf ($5.00)

A super visual and unique torn and restored routine using an event or transit ticket.

Re-Entry can be set up in seconds and serves as an amazing opener or conversation starter.

The ripped ticket stub portion is held against the rest of the ticket. Then, with a magical wave, the seam impossibly heals itself, ultimately re-attaching the stub. You can even hand out the ticket for examination.

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Community questions about Re-Entry

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  • Roberto asks: Will it only work with tickets with perforation? How about cards or other pieces of paper?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It can work with playing cards, business cards or index cards. Tickets are best, for their size, and the fact that tickets are torn apart in their everyday use (which allows your performance to use interesting presentations).
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Lexie L

Very good not hard to do at all very magical looking

Re-Entry by Keelan Wendorf