Strange Oblique

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Strange Oblique

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Magic download (video) by Mark Elsdon (24.00)

Strange Oblique - magic
Strange Oblique Strange Oblique

Strange Oblique is Mark's new take on his classic Tequila Hustler effect. In this hilarious version, you nominate one person to be a "liar" and the rest of the viewers to be truth-tellers. You then ask a series of ridiculous questions: "Would you go on a cycling holiday with her?" "Would you eat a taco from a stranger?" And yet, at the end of the silliness, you are able to discern exactly who the liar is. No pre-show, no electronics, no sleight-of-hand, no secret confederates.

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""Very short review of Strange Oblique. It's by Mark Elsdon... 'nuff said!! Let's just say that Strange Oblique is to Kurotsuke what Tequila Hustler is to 'which hand'. Can be performed completely impromptu."Mark Chandaue

Running time: 20 minutes 11 seconds


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Tequilla Hustler used the plot of liar/ truth teller and while the method was obfuscated, in my opinion, it too, still gets perceived as a puzzle and should be followed up with other types of which hand or 50/50 demonstrations using other methods.

Though Strange Oblique has the benefit of including four or more persons for the presentation of finding an object, it plays as a logic puzzle. I feel there are better types of multiple person, find an object presentations available.

Mark was upfront in the tutorial that this is not something you would want to include in a formal show but is better suited as a demonstration in an informal gathering.

The video is well produced as is the included PDF. Mark's teaching is easy to understand. If you enjoy the puzzle plot and enjoy presenting puzzles, you can't go wrong.


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  • Rick asks: Can this be done virtually?

    • 1. Dottore answers: In theory, yes. All of the audience members would have to know who has the large coin (meaning that everyone except the performer needs to know their role—truth teller or liar). And the video connection would have to allow for active verbal interplay between the performer and all of the participants.
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