The Vault - Sherlocked 2.0

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The Vault - Sherlocked 2.0

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Magic download (video) by Thaddius Barker ($24.95)

The PIN code divination is one of the most impressive feats you can perform for a modern audience.

So many creators before me have contributed their thoughts on this idea; now it is my turn to add something to the mix.

Sherlocked is a system that can be used by itself, or in conjunction with other PIN code revelations. While it may take some study initially, once learned, it is easy to recollect and you can use it in virtually any environment - stage, close up, parlor, etc. - regardless of region or language barriers.

It is meant to be a foundation upon which you can build your own glorious performance variations, as many performers and creators already have.

With absolutely no forces, peeks, or awkward unexplained processes, this system will assist you in revealing a participant's freely thought-of PIN code.

You will also learn a variety of old school principles that you can use in many other areas of mentalism which will ultimately aid you in simplifying your methods so that you can work on your presentation.

Download and learn!


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  • Mickael asks: I know i can't ask about method so give me a second here to reformulate my question No forces or peeks?! So is it a clean method to fish? Basicly , could i use this to have spectator think about the 4-6 digit pin code that unlocks their phone and then unlock it?

    • 1. Kim answers: you may want to email Vanishing Inc directly
    • 2. Jim answers: No. Barker explains why, for ethical reasons, you will not be using a real PIN code to unlock a real phone or bank account. The spectator is asked to make up a fictitous PIN code.
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Completely exhausted of looking through a trailer video that shows absolutely nothing but a guy speaking nonsense about an effect that is not even shown briefly.

Vanishing Inc prouds itself of being curators of magic material. Videos and advertising are a part of that. I strongly believe that you do have to curate the quality of the advertising you share in your website, because sometimes you are being accomplices of waisting customers' time and patience.

The Vault - Sherlocked 2.0 by Thaddius Barker