Gypsy Balloon 2.0

Magic download (video) by Tony Clark
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Gypsy Balloon 2.0

31.19 usd

Magic download (video) by Tony Clark ($31.19)

NOTE: This version uses a mylar balloon.

In a word: poetic. The Gypsy Thread is a classic effect for close-up magic, but Tony Clark’s brilliant innovation of using the string of a balloon makes this an ideal way to close a show for a huge auditorium, onstage. Used by some of the finest stage magicians in the industry, this effect allows you to get serious--sentimental, even--at the end of your show.

The effect is the same: you break the string of a balloon into small pieces and then restore them. But the helium balloon allows the restore to LOOK sensational, as the balloon floating upward embellished the restoration in a theatrical manner.

You receive instruction on how to set up and perform this powerful closing effect.

Running time: 20 minutes 13 seconds


Community questions about Gypsy Balloon 2.0

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  • Shawn asks: what is the difference between 2.0 and the original? Only the mylar balloon?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The mylar version requires a different setup and has the advantage of not deflating like latex balloons do.
  • Eric asks: Which would you recommend the original Gypsy Balloon or Gypsy Balloon 2.0? Sometimes the mylar is difficult to find or is not as available as a regular latex balloon. Which do you believe has a better audience response?

    • 1. Dottore answers: Mylar is available at most 99¢ stores, and they will inflate it for you. Mylar has the advantage that the balloon will not default for a week or so. Latex has a slightly batter technical advantage, and it ends 100% clean. If you are going to give the balloon away as a souvenir, I'd go with latex. If you want to reuse the balloon over a week of shows, I would use mylar.
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  • Craig asks: I noticed the running time for the video instructions Gypsy Balloon 2.0 and the original are the same length. Are they basically the same instructions or very different?

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    • Al asks: Are both methods taught in 2.0?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is the 2.0 version only.
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    Customer reviews for Gypsy Balloon 2.0



    This is really a great investment. I got the original. Tony teaches you everything you need to know about this effect. I can't wait to close my comedy magic show with this. This also a great giveaway at the end of a birthday individual. You can theme the balloon around there party, Like spiderman or any of the ten million Disney franchises. This will add value to your show. Please get this

    Gypsy Balloon 2.0 by Tony Clark