4K Color Vision Box

Trick by Brent Braun
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4K Color Vision Box

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Trick by Brent Braun ($20.00)

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4K Color Vision Box - magic
4K Color Vision Box 4K Color Vision Box 4K Color Vision Box 4K Color Vision Box 4K Color Vision Box

Brent Braun has transformed a classic you may have not performed in years into a hard-hitting effect you'll never want to leave home with out.

Classic magic kit tricks get an undeserved bad reputation.

There's a reason the ball & vase, thumptip silk vanish or penetration frame are included in nearly every magic kit in the world. Despite having methods simple enough for a beginner to grasp, these effects can be true miracles when performed properly.

With "4K Color Vision", Brent Braun provides an incredible update to the famous color vision magic trick. You know, the one with a toy die with different colors on it and a plastic carrying box. This trick is so famous, even most laypeople know the secret.

And this plays into your favor. Because, while "4K Color Vision" floors everyone, it's especially mind-boggling to those who are familiar with the original color vision magic trick. This is a bonafide magician fooler.

"4K Color Vision" is a multi-phase, jaw-dropping feat of mind reading that can be carried in your pocket. The die is placed inside the opaque box with one color facing up. You're able to guess which color it is every time.

Each phase is more impossible than the last. You can even name the color when the spectator has placed the die into the box behind their back. Nobody in the room knows the color. Yet, you can still guess it correctly without even needing to touch the box.

These final phases are absolutely devastating and are what set "4K Color Vision" apart from any other color vision.

  • No mirrors
  • No magnets
  • No electronics
  • No remotes
  • No bluetooth
  • No WiFi
  • No special magic apps
  • No stooges
  • No pre-show
  • No writing
  • No BS

"4K Color Vision" is the real deal. It's a true pocket-sized miracle that will slide directly into your working set.

Each set comes with all the custom-made props you need to get started right away and access to complete teaching and a full routine from Brent Braun.


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  • Neal asks: OK for beginners?

    • 1. Jim answers: This is a longer routine, so there is more to learn that the original effect that this is based on. That said, any perseverant beginner can learn this.
    • 2. Christopher answers: There are phases. So although the entire routine just needs practice to make work you can shorten it and then it’ll be super easy to perform.
    • 3. Matthew answers: Practise will be needed to make a couple of the moves completely imperceptible. But it's more remembering and performing the slightly longer 3-stage routine that might be a challenge to a complete beginner.
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  • Watt asks: Have the props been redesigned?

    • 1. Jim answers: Redesigned from? You get more than you would from a traditional Color Vision. I hope that helps!
    • 2. Christopher answers: Yes. Slight adjustments that do help.
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  • Joseph asks: Can the prop withstand thorough examination by spectators? Because I guarantee you that most people for whom I might perform this trick will ask to examine it.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely!
  • FRANCESCO asks: Is there any dexterity of hand required? (Palming or similar?)

    • 1. Jim answers: None to speak of. There are some optional moves that are taught, but you can perform the routine without any dexterity.
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  • Robin asks: Can you tell me what the dimensions of the dice are in millimeters

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: About 71 x 45 x 91
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Customer reviews for 4K Color Vision Box



I love stuff like this! It’s not that I’d DO Color Vision every day, but when something like this comes along, it’s worth revisiting even the hoariest of chestnuts. This version incorporates two features I’ve never seen applied to Color Vision before. One will be obvious as soon as you open the package, the other a subtle touch to be exploited at will. A third feature that encourages rethinking methods is the size of the box itself — much smaller than standard issue Color Vision — which suggests the applicability of a wide range of Okito Box moves to the effect, for example.

One of the most beautiful principles of magic is the repetition of an effect using different methods, a la everything from The Linking Rings to Sidewalk Shuffle. With 4K Color Vision and a little research — I mined some of Slydini’s touches as found in Close-Up Folio #4 of The Pallbearers Review and some of Marlo’s touches as found in Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields — a baffling routine with method-cancellation at every repetition is within easy reach.



Got this on Pre-Order and received it today. Brent Braun has created and structured such a wonderful routine based on a classic effect. The team at Vanishing Inc packaged it nicely and it arrived quickly. I would pre-order from Vanishing Inc on any item from my experience they almost always send it sooner rather than later.

This a great routine that everyone thinks they know how it works but after phase 3 they will think you can really read their mind. The prop and effect itself is nostalgic in the sense that it brought me back to my childhood when I had a prop just like this. However, magicians this is not the same effect.

Brent Braun has put a lot of thought into this and updated a classic. Overall this is a pretty easy effect to master but please put in the practice for maximum impact.



You know what you're getting with Brent: creativity, super clever thinking, quality props and tricks that will genuinely fool even the most jaded audiences (and magicians). I think this might be my favourite BB effect yet. It's the fact it uses our knowledge and expectations against us that makes it slay.

But don't forget: most laypeople won't even be aware of Color Vision (it's easy to forget that it's actually a great little truck!), so the first two stages of Brent's routine still get great reactions. He has some really nice handling subtleties that make the hoary old approach much more deceptive. At no time does it look like you're doing 'a move'. (And Brent's such a super nice guy, he even filmed a video for me to clarify a very small handling query I had. He's someone who genuinely cares, which isn't that common in magic nowadays).

Anyway, by the third phase you'll have your spectators completely floored. Step by step you've cleverly removed every rung from the ladder of possible solutions. So many ways you can present this. And so inspiring to see a trick relegated to kids magic sets completely revitalised. Now we just need Brent to re-think boring old sponge balls or vanishing milk trick..



The props are beautiful, the routine is clever and the video instructions are very well done.
Easy to carry around. Recommended ????



This is a great trick. I taught it to my 8 and 5 yr old and they can do it without flashing. It’s easy to learn and perform, but it fools everyone they’ve done it for. I use it myself for when I need a simple, powerful trick.



Brent has done a great job reworking this trick. I don't think I can add anything that the other reviewers have not mentioned. Anybody who thinks 4K Color Vision Box isn't worth 20 bucks is only fooling themselves.



I really love when a standard “kid’s magic set” prop becomes something truly exceptional, and 4K Color Vision Box does it! The tutorial is well made and the instructions are clearly given for a standing presentation. I quickly put together a seated version, as this is a great “after dinner” piece of magic.

I don’t think this is a piece of magic I would put into my professional show, but it’s a great piece of pocket magic that you can carry with you wherever you go.



I purchased this 4K vision box for a budding magician in our family, my 12 yo grandson! Although he has been enamored w/card tricks for awhile, this purchase piqued his interest and we watched, paused, watched and rewound the accompanying video a # of times to both our delights!!
This is my third purchase for my grandson -his nickname is “jackpot”!
Your company is a delight whenever I have a question I can’t believe how quickly you respond!!
Thank you for continuing to nurture a young magicians Curiosity w/Products that don’t break my budget and go a long way adding to the delight of our times together!
Best, Andele



I haven't had the chance to really perform this out yet but so far responses have been good for those I've shown. Even if you know what is going on here Brent teaches a move or two you may have never thought about with this prop. Updated classic. No one is going to say the original is better.



This product deserve only praises. I’m addicted to this effect and I’m frying everybody with it. I love everything about it: the props, the presentation, the method, the effect. It’s a joy to perform and everybody likes it. I found that people also like just handling the box and the die. I love how much you can squeeze out from something apparently so innocent and childish. Thanks Brent, this is perfect!



I think this is a brilliant trick. I've been playing with it on an almost daily basis since I bought it. It's perfectly sized (more on this below) and the design is--again--brilliant. You can slide the top to another face (though it appears to still be covering the opening), and back, silently, using only the fingers and thumb of one hand. (It's hard to describe, but there's an element of a roll in the move, too--at least as I do it.) I can replace the top, slowly, while I'm burning my hand, and I can't see what's happening.

I did it for a friend. She really liked it. Then I did it for her again, but before I did I showed her how I'd done it, and I asked her to really burn my hand. It didn't make any difference: even with her knowing what was coming, and burning my hand, and with me doing the move as slowly as I could--she still couldn't see it.

Getting back to size: the cube is about 1/8" longer on a side than a standard casino die. The box is about 1-1/8" on a side (approx 29 mm); the top is roughly 1-1/4" on a side. As with any trick involving manipulation, it's going to take some practice. But it doesn't require any complex moves, and the props are fun to play with.

The instructions are very good--they cover everything you need to know. The props are well made and fun to horse around with. The moves are not difficult, and they are clearly motivated within the context of the trick I don't see how "4K Color Vision Box" could be improved upon.




Nice new spin on an old classic. Method is fairly easy and puts a nice spin on product. Seemed a bit overpriced in my opinion.

4K Color Vision Box by Brent Braun