Trick by Benjamin Mei
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Trick by Benjamin Mei (34.95)

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Aeon - magic
Aeon Aeon Aeon Aeon Aeon Aeon

10 new hyper-visual ring magic moves and routines, and everything you need to perform them.

"Aeon" from New York City's Benjamin Mei is ring magic in it's most pure form. Benjamin has spent countless hours developing the best routines and perfect ring for ring magic. These low friction rings slide on and off your finger like a hot knife through butter. No matter how good you are at ring magic, the custom "Aeon" rings will take your ring magic to the next level.

Get ready to use these "Aeon Rings" to learn:

  • Finger Flicker - A ring appears on your finger with a flick of the fingers.
  • Paint Production - A ring is slowly painted into existence on your finger with a touch.
  • MFP - A one-handed ring vanish and reappearance where both sides of the hand can be shown.
  • BTP - A ring on the palm disappears and reappears just by closing your hand slowly.
  • Back Talk - A ring in the palm disappears and both sides of the hand can be shown empty before producing the ring with a flicker.
  • Ripple - A ring on the palm penetrates through flesh and onto the finger with a small wave of the hand.
  • Wave - A ring on the index finger melts through 2 fingers to end up on the ring finger.
  • TPSP - A ring disappears on the palm with a wave of the other hand only to reappear on the index finger.
  • RTF - A ring teleports from a closed fist onto the other hand's ring finger.
  • BFCC - A ring on the index finger transforms into another ring with a swing of the hand.
  • SRCC - A ring on the index finger transforms into another ring with a soft stroke of the other hand. The ring can then be freely given out to the spectator and the hand with the ring looks clean from start to finish.
  • Aeon Routine - A beautifully choreographed ring routine composed of the moves taught within this project.

Here is the best part. You don't have to worry about choosing a ring size. Because, each "Aeon" package comes with 5 different rings in different sizes from 9 to 13. Try on each one until you find the best fit.

The ring magic sleight of hand moves Benjamin has created are seemingly simple, but they sound complex to complete beginners. That's why we had Nevin & Cody from our Team sit-in on the explanations to ask Ben the questions he's never thought to ask himself. With these nuances and tips uncovered, you'll be able to make these moves second nature. That means that this project isn't just accessible to all finger-sizes, but all skill levels too. With just a bit of practice, you'll be ready to rock.


Customer reviews for Aeon



These rings come in a nice presentation box, Good quality rings, though I new the ring sizes, as in there add, be good if they provided bigger sizes, just for my preference that is, comes with an excellent video production, play time nearly an hour and a half, with close up, in slow mo detailed moves and explenations, this is good ring magic, you have nice cool visual ring routines with this set.


Community questions about Aeon

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  • Seth asks: How important is your actual ring size? It says it comes with sizes 9 to 13 and to try on each one until you find the best fit. My actual ring finger size is an 8, but my index finger size is a 9. Is it the ring finger that you want to find the best fit for? Will I have issues with the rings being too big for my fingers?

    • 1. Jim answers: In the explanation, he suggests using one-half or even one size up, so the size 9 might be best for you. !0 may work too. You will have to play with them before you know for sure. The important part, is that the ring should not fall 100% down when dropped over your index finger. It should stop about 75% down. I hope that helps!
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