Trick by Colin McLeod and theory11
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Trick by Colin McLeod and theory11 (99.00)

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Alias - magic
Alias Alias Alias Alias Alias Alias Alias

The "Alias" wallet will allow you to read minds with incredible ease. It is one of the cleanest and most deceptive ways to obtain information secretly. A close-up magician and mentalist's dream.

Have a spectator insert a piece of information - a drawing, a name, a location, anything - into the wallet while your head is completely turned away. Then, as you give the wallet to them for safekeeping, you already know exactly what it is they’re thinking of. The best part? You do NOT need the wallet back until after you’ve read their mind.

Each "Alias" wallet is handcrafted with the finest materials. It looks professional and sleek, but most importantly - it has been built to last. There are no electronics or batteries, and it’s the perfect addition to your everyday carry as a regular wallet. This will be the only mentalism wallet you use.

Taught in nearly an hour of in-depth, detailed instruction by Colin McLeod, you will receive all of his secrets and subtleties that will make your audiences believe you really are inside of their mind. This has been Colin’s go-to weapon for the last five years - and today, it’s finally yours.


Customer reviews for Alias



Found myself having left peek wallets behind prior to this. The best I’d had prior was the Stealth Assassin, an excellent wallet that I never used for peeks. Alias was the first true EDC in the genre for me, in that I actually used it for its intended purpose magically AND personally.

The method is beautifully devious and knocks a key rule (not returning to or fiddling with the wallet after) out of the park. Ideal for drawing dupes, this is a wallet I find myself carrying (along with a Secret Tannery Jaks for words, etc.) at most gigs now.



The Alias wallet is quite possibly the best peak device I've ever seen. The design is pure genius and knowing the volunteer has it in their hand makes it look like real magic/mentalism. It just so happens the wallet it's replacing is just like it, but without the magic piece, so it makes it more natural for me and I have it 24/7. If you have a peak device, I highly recommend Colin McLeod's device!



Fantastic peek wallet for drawings. The peek is quick and the wallet is handed to the spectator. They won't find anything! I have to say this isn't that good for words or numbers, but for drawings it's spectacular. Very deceptive and compact.

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I HATE peek wallets. I LOVE Alias! Fiddling with the wallet before watching the video, I could find NOTHING remiss. AFTER watching the video, I could find nothing to add. Colin's explanation is clear and to on point. The extra tips he gives reward the patience of those willing to watch the ENTIRE presentation. I'm no mentalist. I hate peek wallets. THIS I will use! I've just starting working with it and already I find it adaptable to the kind of magic I do. This will never find its way to that drawer (in my case, those drawers) we all have for those impulse buys that never pan out. Alias is just plain GREAT!

My ONLY beef is that the video, at least as I accessed it, is not downloadable.


Community questions about Alias

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  • Arny asks: I went on line and tried to get instructions...did not work for me

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Contact customer service at
  • BENJAMIN asks: Is this the same method as the Razor wallet by Dee

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Very different methods.
  • Shing Tak asks: is the window fit a playing card or a business card?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Business card
  • Chris asks: Why does it not work for numbers? How big a problem are numbers?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While it is possible to do numbers, it will take some getting used to due to the method. Without revealing too much, the numbers will appear reversed.
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