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Animal Tarot

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Animal Tarot

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Trick by Darryl Davis, Daryl Williams and The Other Brothers ($25.00)

In stock. Order in the next 10 hours, 26 minutes and it will go out today!
Animal Tarot  - magic
Animal Tarot Animal Tarot Animal Tarot Animal Tarot Animal Tarot

Here’s a coincidence effect that’s great for kids because it’s filled with things kids love: Animals, colors and a puzzle. You’ll love it too, because it’s a no-sleight trick with a big surprise reveal. Check out the video and you’ll see how it all comes together.

You show the faces and backs of a packet of oversized cards and state, “Think of a number between one and ten, and I’ll deal exactly that number of cards on the table, face up.” Any number is named (no force) and the dealing begins. You stop when that number of cards is dealt. You show the selection. In the video, you’ll see MOUSE. The cards are turned over, and the kids discover that it’s a picture puzzle begging to be solved. But it’s easy, taking only seconds, as everyone pushes the cards together to form an image of an animal.

And guess what? The design magically matches the name of the animal they selected earlier!

Coincidence or is it magic? That's the fun of Animal Tarot. It's by the Other Brothers, so you know it’s clever, practical and easy to do. You’ll enjoy performing it, and your family audience will delight in the process as their colorful, mosaic animal puzzle takes shape right before their very eyes.


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  • Michael asks: For Animal Tarot, which if the number they choose is less or more than 8,or is an odd number?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is covered in the explanation.
  • Robert asks: Seems my question disappeared. Just wanted to know if the outcome is the same each time?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: That would tip the method so we're not able to answer on a public page. Feel free to email for clarification.
  • Jesse asks: Hi. Do I get instructions on how to make the cards or do I physically receive cards in the postal mail? Thanks.

    • 1. Tony answers: You will receive the physical cards
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Customer reviews for Animal Tarot



Clever! Very well made. Durable. So much fun to perform. Principal can be applied to other illusions as well.



This is the kind of magic that I love. It is simple to perform and shows their choice was influenced by the backs. Easy to add my personality in the performance!



I was hesitant when I saw the trailer for this trick.
Tarot ?
I mean, who the hell uses tarot cards in their magic show ?
It didn't made any sense to me. However, I saw some reviews on the internet and I decided to give it a try. Not many magicians will buy this. But this trick is a treasure.

For now it remains underground (at least I think so !), and it's for the special few guys and gals who want to add a bit of spice in their performance. I can't imagine a situation where this trick will not work. Children's party, parlor, close up, stage (if you find a cool presentation or make something appear on stage), in weddings, colleges, schools, care homes, you get the point.

Its visual, it's dead easy, colourful, different. If you are a brave enough, you could build a closer around it.
It's a good purchase. It doesn't matter if you are a grandpa trying to magish your niece or you are David Copperfield, this trick will work for anyone who likes magic.

I give it 6 stars ?????? of magic out of 5.



Funny and very easy!



Really fun trick! Easy to do and the instructional video covers everything.



This effect is pretty much what it looks like. It's not necessarily a wow trick, but it's certainly a good opener in that it's short, punchy and will pique people's interest.

It's well made and if looked after, the cards should last a very long time before looking scruffy. The instructional video is clear and cover's all possible outcomes. It's extremely easy to do and can be performed as soon as you learn the method. Another added bonus is that it can be performed virtually, if your webcam allows you to point it at a table top.

I would definitely recommend this.



What else can I say? This is an excellent and deceptive but simple method for achieving the result. You can adapt the method to other effects. Glad I have it in my arsenal. The tarot cards are cute, colorful and the reveal is interesting. Of course the reveal is a "tip" to the method. But like I said, use the method in other routines with appropriate modifications and the method is less transparent.



An absolutely amazing trick!



Kids will like the surprise ending as it slowly reveals itself to their wondering eyes. Fun and colorful, simple and honest, this trick is not difficult to learn but clever enough to fool anyone. Not the ordinary playing cards, these animal tarot cards are larger with colorful backs and come in a slim box for safe storage. Even young ones will love the ending!



Great trick. The force alone is almost worth the price. The only downside is that you can only perform the trick once for an audience--but that's obvious before purchasing. Upside: After performing Animal Tarot, you can use the cards for other animal-themed effects. Worth having.



This is a neat little card trick. It will amaze people, but it is not very complicated. It'snot a knock your socks off the trick, but I am glad that I have it. I enjoy performing it every now and then. For the price, you can't go wrong.



Even before getting this trick -- and before learning the secret -- I wasn't a fan of the final image reveal, and still am not. It's not as amazing and stunning as it could or should be. It also just doesn't look great, simple as that. It looks too...abstract, in a bad way (rather than in a way that adds plausibility while still looking like an interesting reveal).

Separately, the animal premise itself is totally random, and there's no "tarot" aspect to anything. Why are we picking and revealing an animal? No suggested ways of answering that question are provided to help us get the creativity flowing in our own end. It's just left to be completely random, except for those folks who really are stellar at creating their own plots and stories and justifications film scratch.

THAT SAID, I am in love with the underlying secret here. If it exists elsewhere, well, I've never seen it before. And I think there are a lot of possibilities for it... I would strongly recommend this product if you're looking to learn a fantastic principle that you can apply elsewhere with your own creativity (meaning without a weird abstract image reveal, and even with something besides animals entirely).

Finally, the video insists that we need to say two very specific sentences. It wouldn't have been hard to include a card with the two sentences on it so we don't have to take notes.

Animal Tarot by Darryl Davis, Daryl Williams and The Other Brothers