Baffling Blocks

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Baffling Blocks

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Trick by Eric Leclerc ($25.00)

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Baffling Blocks - magic
Baffling Blocks Baffling Blocks Baffling Blocks Baffling Blocks Baffling Blocks

Ever make a Paddle Trick from a kids' toy? Canadian TV Star and magician Eric Leclerc did! It's a great strolling magic trick that is fun to perform for kids and their families because, when you tell them you made your first magic trick from Lego blocks, it’s believable and captivating.

Watch the video clip and see Eric perform Baffling Blocks for kids of all ages using some moves that’ll fool you. Think Paddle Tricks are passé? Think again! Eric has many creative approaches to forcing the color, doing the color change, and even making the entire paddle vanish and reappear!

You get the 7” paddle and 12 extra square blocks so you can change the force color to red, blue or green. The video instructions include explanations in the studio and several of Eric’s live presentations so you can see for yourself, and learn how to maximize spectator response. Best of all, this is an easy-to-master prop that has no reset time and can be examined after every time you do it.

"AmazeKids continues to put out quality products and this is no exception! It's fun to watch the instructional video of Eric Leclerc performing Baffling Blocks...amazingly'll laugh right along with the kids--and you'll learn more from his presentation than anything else!" Magic Orthodoxy

Whether you’re a working pro, or are looking for a new prop to entertain children in your life, get Baffling Blocks and you’ll be baffling the young and young-at-heart faster than they can say “I love Legos.”


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  • Chad asks: I use two different color hot rods, I assume that although I can change the color, it’s literally a rebuild reset. I would need two to swap out in my pocket quickly, correct?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You need to rebuild one side. It would take a minute or so.
  • James asks: I have lost a few of my color blocks who would I replace these? Thank you in advance for any help in this. FYI this is awesome even as a tool for Gospel Magic

    • 1. Tony answers: Please email to they will be happy to help you
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Customer reviews for Baffling Blocks



So I've been doing the paddle move literally from the very beginning. The first trick I bought was color changing knives. I've always loved Paddle tricks and have many versions. This one is super fun. It's pretty much exactly what the description says.
The paddle is very well made. The legos that come with it aren't "real" legos - they're a generic lego, but no one will notice that and it's not a detriment at all. The quality is excellent. This was absolutely worth getting. Nothing earth-changing, but doing this for kids brings instant engagement. Even adults like it. I'm definitely glad I bought this.



Great tool to have in the 'ol toolbox. Kids love it and adults are usually baffled as well. A really fun take on the hot rod. If you entertain kids at all, it's a must have.



The instruction video is excellent with outstanding teaching and plenty of live performances to demonstrate variations in real world performance situations that sometimes require improvisation. The routines taught for the gimmick are a great improvement on the hot rod idea. Children really relate to the Lego pieces (very popular) and their experience with Lego makes the effect seem more impossible. The paddle is quite heavy and the handle is narrow so it’s not as well balanced as some other paddle tricks I’ve done (I’ve even used paper matches from a book of matches with dots drawn on - works really well!) However, with a little practice, I adjusted to this and the large size of the paddle does mean good visibility and impact. I would highly recommend that you practice quite a lot with the paddle before performing this even if you regularly use the paddle principle. Sweaty hands can make the paddle hand slip and you could easily flash if you are not careful and really confident with this gimmick. The pieces are not genuine Lego pieces but no one would be able to tell. They are lovely bright colours in sturdy plastic, indistinguishable from real Lego bricks. If you want to take the pieces off the paddle at any point, you need to keep a little tool with you to hand to help start to lever the pieces off the paddle. The pieces fit beautifully tightly as they need to. A flat headed watch maker’s screw driver is an ideal tool and would fit in the nice box in which the gimmick is supplied. You also get 6 spare blue bricks and 6 spare green bricks so you can do the colour transformation into red, green or blue across separate performances. A reset to a different colour would only take a minute if you had the tool I suggest handy, but you’d have to do that away from the audience. I performed this for my grandchildren recently and added an extra element that totally baffled their parents. I started with the set of six colour bricks in a little jewellery box. I got a spectator to roll a dice in one of those dice cups with a tight fitting lid at the start of the trick but the number was kept hidden while I placed the Lego pieces on the paddle. (As a convincer, you can accept some suggestions about the position of the colours from the children.) What I had actually done was use one of my Mental Dice so that I could position the force colour in the appropriate position on the paddle. Having ‘built’ the Lego model, the dice cup was opened to reveal a number that would locate the force colour on the paddle. This method totally flawed the adults as well as delighted the children (partly because of the greater audience participation.) My highly intelligent daughter asked me afterwards if I’d used a loaded dice but I was able to hand her the dice and cup (still on the table) for her to test. Like other Amazekids products, I highly recommend this. I think that the price is reasonable for a well made gimmick and the quality of the explanation video. The video includes suggestions for making the paddle appear and vanish. There are very helpful hints on how to use misdirection. The live performances appear to be filmed in a busy shopping mall where Eric Leclerc approaches individual children or small groups of children (presumably with the consent of their parents.) This showcases the taught routines beautifully.



Great quality, and wonderful use of the paddle move. My kid (LEGO fan) loved it when I did it for him. Can’t wait to use it at kids shows or just having it handy for walk-around where kids are present.

Although, be warned, the “LEGO” aren’t actual LEGO brand, they’re knock offs. But no one will be able to tell, and if they have the time to notice that it doesn’t say LEGO on each little dot, then you’re probably doing the trick wrong. ??

All in all, great trick, especially for that price.

Baffling Blocks by Eric Leclerc