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Trick by The Other Brothers
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Bare Mini

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Trick by The Other Brothers (25.00)

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Bare Mini - magic
Bare Mini Bare Mini Bare Mini Bare Mini Bare Mini Bare Mini

Our hit trick, "Bare," is back in a new and improved design. People LOVED "Bare." It has been featured on television magic specials in eleven countries, yet some magicians voiced a desire to be able to have it with them ALL THE TIME. This is where "Bare Mini" comes in.

Now you'll have all the features of "Bare," but in the convenience of two small objects you can keep in your pocket on your keychain.

The effect is the same: you cause a thought-of person's initials, or a playing card, or a number, or appear on the spectator's hand. You pour coffee grinds or sand or salt onto the back of the spectator's hand and as you rub it in, the lettering appears. "Bare Mini" is completely easy to do and requires no advance preparation with the spectator. The trick leaves no residue or stickiness on the spectator's hands. It wipes away clean.

"Bare Mini" comes with a mini-sharpie that contains the same amount of the secret solution used in "Bare," but in half the size. And, it comes with a small canister to conveniently store your sand or coffee grinds. As ever, Vanishing Inc. provides fun, detailed, clear instructions so you'll be performing "Bare Mini" within minutes.

"When I first heard about Bare, I was extremely skeptical- how could something so impossible be in any way practical? When I finally got my hands on it- I was blown away because it was more practical and more of a worker than I could have ever imagined. It’s a miracle that fits into a pen and it has served me well.” Dan White

"The BARE Pen (or as the #%*&@ maids call it 'The Sharpie that doesn't work') is great! ... when I can keep it from getting thrown out." The Amazing Johnathan

Includes gimmicked mini Sharpie, specially designed cannister and key chain. Video instructions.


Customer reviews for Bare Mini



Bare and Bare mini have been around for a little while but I did not take any notice of the effect until recently. I have the Bare mini. This is a little cheaper but the small size means that it will run out of the special fluid much more quickly. The effect is simple and startling. The image of a number, letter, card or object appears magically on a spectators hand when a powder is sprinkled on it. This can be used as a reveal for a card force or as part of a mind reading routine. Unfortunately, the use of this product is limited while social distancing is being enforced. I suggest that you buy it and practice it on members of your own household. Then, when the pandemic is over, you'll be ready to use it as part of your repertoire. This could be used in close up situations, for street magic and even for parlour settings. If you use cameras and screens on stage, it would work in that setting too. You need a suitable powder ready to sprinkle on the spectator's hands. This needs to be a very fine powder and quite dark in colour. The Other Brothers use finely ground black pepper powder. I've tried powdered cinnamon and that works very well. I'm going to experiment with the glitter powder and holographic powders used for cake decorating. Maybe face makeup applied with a dusting brush could be an option. Bare mini comes attached to a keyring with a tiny container for your chosen powder. I think you need an excuse for carrying both of these on your keyring. Some people do carry salt and pepper with them but people are more likely to carry pots of artificial sweeteners for hot drinks. If you think the cute little mini sharpie looks suspicious, it would probably be best to buy the full size 'Bare,' but you still need to think about your story with the powder and whatever container you keep the powder in. If you are sat in a cafe that has traditional salt and pepper post on the tables, you might be good to go, though most restaurants today offer hygienic paper sachets of salt and pepper. Instant coffee (powder version) would work, I think, and you might carry a little pot of that around with you I suppose. The video is well shot and everything is explained carefully and thoroughly. With a bit of imagination and practice creating and transferring the image, this effect is rather cute and unusual.Since writing this review I have discovered a very good powder to use for the reveal. Quite cheaply in supermarkets you can by gold coloured powder for decorating cakes. It comes in a kind of spray dispenser, but it is a dry powder. You can squirt the powder in the right area of the spectator's hand and then either blow off the excess or brush it (extremely gently) with a very soft paint brush or make-up blusher brush. It leaves a lovely gold symbol on the person's hand that shows up really well and seems luxurious. I did this recently for my four year old grandson. He asked my daughter for a birthday cake in the shape of a carrot harvester (!) so I bought a deck of cards with a different vegetable print don the fat eof each card, forced the carrot card, pretended to fail at mind reading, then use the "magic oofle dust" to reveal a golden carrot on my grandson's hand. He did not want to wash his hands for the rest of the day, so health and safety considerations need to be taken into account!



Anything you want can appear on a spectator's hand, that is the effect. This is one only bound by your imagination, use it for a playing card, a shape, a billet peek or whatever, the effect is one incredibly personal to a spectator and is highly memorable. It has been reliable to me and considering the price, you get many uses just from one pen.

It is a case of if you like the effect, you won't be dissapointed, it takes little to no space, is practical, powerful and effective. The only drawback is that it does involve contacting a spectator, but when things get better this deserves to go into anyone's act.



This is a great idea.
A simple trick to perform, and you can really make what you want appear on the hand of the viewer. Anything he can think of.
Let's just hope we can find pen cartridges.


Community questions about Bare Mini

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  • Jonathan asks: Just to confirm, Bare mini comes with the exact same amount of secret solution as Bare correct? If that's the case, besides preference between a regular sized sharpie vs a mini sharpie, is there any pro/con to ordering Bare mini vs. the original Bare?

    • 1. Marco answers: I also want to know the answer to this question.
    • 2. Sebastian answers: Definitely a pro is the lower price of Bare Mini, since it's the same amount of liquid. The other main difference is the size of the Sharpie and I guess that's up to personal preference. By the way, I would love to have a version with a pen that's more common in Europe.
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  • Marco asks: Will I be able to perform this trick as many times compared to if I purchased the original? In other words, will the Mini Sharpie wear out easier?

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    • Royce asks: So am I getting how this trick works? You ask a spectator to think of ANYTHING and you can make that answer appear on their hand???

      • 1. Harrison answers: There are a few different ways to preform this trick. One is where you write on a card and it is the spectators card and it also appears on the spectators hand. You can also do it with no card and the thing only appears on his or her hand.
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    • ANDREW asks: Should there be solution in the canister provided?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The canister is provided as means to carry salt, ashes or other spreadable substance for the reveal.
    • Rob asks: Are refills available for the "special" solution?

      • 1. Nikola answers: No unfortunatly there aren‘t. You have to buy a new one. But it lasts for a year almost a year. I have mine, use it every day and it is not out of ink.
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    • Jay asks: How difficult is it for the spectator to remove/erase the "reveal" from their hand?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It’s easy to remove
    • Roger asks: How long do you have to do the reveal once you loaded on them?can you have it set up and perform it like a half hr later or does it evaporate?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Half an hour would be fine.
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