Black Ops Watch

Trick by Eric Jones and
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Black Ops Watch

29.95 usd

Trick by Eric Jones and (29.95)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Black Ops Watch - magic
Black Ops Watch Black Ops Watch Black Ops Watch Black Ops Watch Black Ops Watch Black Ops Watch

A super easy, sleeveless vanish of a coin that happens right under their nose.

"Black Ops Watch" makes this possible with almost no sleight of hand. Your hands are empty and you aren't wearing sleeves. To your audience, it really impossibly disappears. Only you know though, that it's actually hiding, in stealth mode, in your watch—ready to re-appear wherever you want.

This about as squeaky clean as a coin vanish and transposition can get.

So, what exactly is "Black Ops Watch"?

"Black Ops Watch" is a custom-crafted gimmick that looks like a generic smartwatch. It's inconspicuous design flies under the radar. It's a smooth as it is silent, and enables you to have the coin available to you at a moment's notice. You can make it appear wherever you want--in their pocket, under a glass, in their hat--literally anywhere.

Nobody will ever suspect you watch is doing the dirty work for you.

What's in the Box

  • "Smartwatch" gimmick with a rubber strap to fit any wrist
  • 2 coins (1 gimmicked + 1 normal)
  • Extra "Black Art" material for applying to other coins if you wan to make your own gimmick.

MANUFACTURER'S NOTE: The creator would like to thank Jeorgie Brett who independently came up with the same method in a mechanical watch design and submitted it for release at the same time "Black Ops Watch" was already in development.


Customer reviews for Black Ops Watch



The vanish of the coin is fine, the instructions are good BUT the release mechanism to free up the coin is defective. I need to fiddle with it for 5 minutes to release it. You suppose to just squeeze the sides to release the coin. IT does no release. This product will be dumped in my magic junk draw. I would not recommend it to anyone especially a fellow magician. I will try to sell it at an auction at the next magic convention that I attend. Maybe I can get $5 or $10 for it.
That is the risk that one takes when buying online. The release mechanism should be redesigned. Instead of a squeeze, have the coin vanish by sticking to a thin magnet in the watch. The release can be to pull the coin off with another slightly stronger magnet. This would be quick, simple, fast so the trick can be repeated again quickly like when table hopping. I am sorry I bought the trick. The premise of the trick is great. Too bad the release is not. At least this one was only $25. I got screwed out of $65 when I bought and returned a Chinese coin set that was missing coins. I sent it back with the label that Penguin emailed to me. I never heard from Penguin. I lost the coins and the $65. Vanishing Inc. did not rectify the problem but at least they offered a choice of videos for the same value ($25). I do not blame Vanishing Inc. for the design of the release. I do hold Penguin Magic for not making it right. It is not even the money, it is the principle. I will never order from Penguin again and I tell every magician I see not to buy from them as they do not stand by the products they sell. Michael Terletzky


Community questions about Black Ops Watch

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  • Allan asks: Is the watch a working watch?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, it's a non-functioning watch.
  • Michael asks: What size coin fits inside the watch? For example could a half dollar fit?

    • 1. Don answers: I do believe that it is a half dollar that's being used in the demo. Looks pretty cool. Might have to pick this one up....
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  • Gerardo asks: What European coins does it fit (euro)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: None we're aware of, it fits the special coin it ships with.
  • Abe asks: Is it online instructions or dvd

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Downloadable instructions
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