Trick by Josh Janousky
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Trick by Josh Janousky ($25.00)

Some options in stock.
Blankrupt - magic
Blankrupt Blankrupt Blankrupt Blankrupt Blankrupt

The “Omni” plot is immensely popular. And for a good reason. It’s stunning and spectators love it. But there is an inherent problem with it. It’s always the magician’s item that changes.

Imagine if you could borrow an item from a spectator. A deeply personal and precious item. And change it to a clear, perspex version.

Thanks to the inventive Josh Janousky, now you can.

“Blankrupt” lets you borrow a credit card/ID/drivers’ license and with a wave of your hand transform it to an “omni” card instantly. And you can immediately hand it out for examination. Then, when you desire, you return it to its natural state. Or make it appear from your wallet, or other impossible location.

Direct, visual, organic magic at its very best.

This is something you will always carry in your wallet and always want to perform.

The informed among you will realise that Alan Rorrison had some work on this plot, but fear not, this is released with his blessing.

And it will work with any card in the world. You can pick from USA/Canada style (8.5mm) or Rest of the World style (13.5mm). 

You receive:

  • Two plastic cards
  • 4 chip stickers
  • Online instructions

Available in two styles: Thin Strip (8.5mm - USA and Canada cards) and Thick Strip (13.5mm Rest of world).

"A card trick that non-magi would care about. Making magic that touches on things that matter to audiences is a challenge. Blankrupt takes a color change, which is one of the most enjoyed card effects, and combines it with something modern and borrowed. What's not to like."Garrett Thomas
"I love Omni effects! Josh has taken it from a card trick to an organic miracle."Justin Flom
"Blankrupt is the only omni plot that makes sense. It's something I carry in my wallet at all times."Patrick Kun
“Blankrupt reimagines a classic plot with an object that people care deeply about. It’s a perfect marriage!”Jeff Prace

Community questions about Blankrupt

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  • Karsten asks: What is the gimmick made from? I had a gimmick like this from a different trick, but within a month the plastic was in such bad shape it wasn't usable anymore. Is this durable enough to handle being sat on and flexed in whatever ways a card tends to be when stored in a wallet regularly?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is made of good quality, durable plastic.
  • Richard asks: How difficult is the sleight of hand, and are there similar moves in normal card magic you would compare it to?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is a utility. You can use whatever color change works best for you.
  • Pat asks: Can we see a complete live performance please?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I'm sorry—we don't have a live performance filmed. Blankrupt is a utility prop. It does not include a performance in the traditional sense. How you use it, is only limited by your imagination.
  • Nat asks: Can the right hand be shown to be empty after making the change?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: That depends on the specific color change you use. This is a utility prop, and you can use any method to make the change.
  • Elijah asks: So before I write a review that isnt true I need to know the following: Is there a grey strip version?? I looked in my own wallet and EVERY SINGLE strip is grey! Am I missing an option when I made my purchase? If not then I have a great trick if I ask every person in the room who has a black stripped card?

    • 1. Chaninah answers: Prop can be used in that case for a color-changing strip effect
    • 2. Don answers: Check hobby stores or auto part stores for Mylar pinstripe that is gray.Its for detail work.Very thin.May have to trim some off the edge.About $5 for 10 feet but you can "vanish" the strip from an old card & make it appear on a forced card using duplicates and d.b. cards.
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Customer reviews for Blankrupt



I am a fan of the "OMNI" type stuff and this is a nice addition . While the video is short and to the point with ideas from Josh and several other well known magicians, it is, as he states - "a framwork". There are some good ideas and some that I don't think "I" would ever do with someone elses credit card in my possession. However, I already have a few ideas using my own card and some using theirs. The two cards you get are top notch and there are 4 "chip stickers" so you can add to one or both (one sticker on each side). I have opted to doing 1 of each for now. Like my omni sharpies, I have one with a black lid and the brand sticker and one that is totally clear.

In the end, this is an OMNI item. You will surely figure out something that works for your style and act. Great idea and properly credited.



So many fun ways to present this effect. You can make it as easy or hard as you like.



This is such a great idea. Good routines included on the video, but really just use your imagination. Great OMNI effects possible, and of course unlimited color changes possible with either your or a spectator's credit card. I did a gig for VISA a couple of years ago and this was perfect. Keep it in your wallet and there will be lots of opportunities to use it!



Interesting take on the classic Omni deck. It’s a strong effect that you can keep in your wallet and perform in both professional settings and casual settings when someone asks the age old question: “You’re a magician? Show me a trick!”



Received this during last year's Black Friday sale and wasn't expecting much. The teaching is rushed, the effect is limited. But on the few occasions where I've only had my wallet on me and people have asked to see a trick, this has been a nice get-out-of-jail. It's a simple trick but people are genuinely freaked out when you appear to wipe their credit card. £22 is a high price for what you get, so maybe wait until another VI sale comes around. It's worth having one with you.



I got this through a vanishinginc promo and I think because of that I enjoy this product. I don't think I would purchase this at full retail just because it's merely an idea. I feel like most purchasers of this product will play with this for a bit and it won't be their reputation maker or worker. It's just a cute and fun visual idea to do in casual situations. Perhaps under the right time and place, you can really surprise someone, but it's really something that has a narrow use case.



I purchased this because it was on sale and because I like collecting magic to find ones that really resonate with me. Blankrupt was not one of them. First, the training videos are waaaaaay to fast and done from the spectator’s view which made it very hard to follow. Second, the trick itself feels gimmicky. It’s not one of those tricks that leaves your audience with their mouth open. If you perform for elementary school children or younger then get this, but if your audience is comprised of adults save yourself the $25. Good price. Horrible training. Gimmicky product.



I bought this a while back when I was fairly new to magic. At the time, it was okay; however, looking back at it with perspective, I feel it is significantly overpriced for what you get. I have used it rarely.



This product is OK. You do get the "utility item" but I would have liked to see some of the routines a little more fleshed out, and some live performances. It has potential but the routines felt a little unfinished/unpolished. I like the cell phone version.



I received this as a bonus item during the Black Friday sale, so I am happy to have received it, but the teaching and download felt rushed and was definitely below par. Nearly every move taught and “performed” in the download was heavily flashed. I really would have liked to see some live performances and more detailed teaching. Also, it’s worth noting that the package I received only had 1 gimmick rather than 2 and no chip stickers (I’m guessing this was just a quirk of the Black Friday giveaway). It’s a decent prop that has potential, but one can easily see this getting scratched or dirty quickly. As a free bonus, it’s fine, but at $25, I’d pass.



Well I think this trick is an awesome one to keep in your wallet EXCEPT the strip is a kind of thin black one. I have yet to find a credit card, bank card, etc that has a black strip! They are all gray.

I wish they would have given you a black and gray. Its not as magical to ask a person for a credit card then ask them for another and then another till you hit a black strip lol



Well I think this trick is an awesome one to keep in your wallet EXCEPT the strip is a kind of thin black one. I have yet to find a credit card, bank card, etc that has a black strip! They are all gray.

I wish they would have given you a black and gray. Its not as magical to ask a person for a credit card then ask them for another and then another till you hit a black strip lol