Book of Secrets

Book by John Carney
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Book of Secrets

58.00 usd

Book by John Carney (58.00)

Possibly discontinued.
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25 lessons for stage and close up
A comprehensive course in the art and psychology of sleight of hand

Critics and readers alike, proclaim it one of the best magic books ever! This comprehensive course of study is a 377 page hardbound book filled with stand up magic, close up, and essays.

JOHN CARNEY IS WIDELY ACKNOWLEDGED as one of the best magical entertainers and teachers in the world. His last book, Carneycopia, was acclaimed by many as a classic and one of the best books of the decade. The Book of Secrets, his first new work in ten years, includes 25 lessons for stage and close-up, as well as thoughtful essays on presentation, misdirection, timing and management.

Each lesson concludes by giving the student assignments to complete, encouraging them to participate in creating their own magic. Historical essays of some of magic's greats are also included, not just citing of facts and figures, but explaining what qualities made them great and how you may apply their example.

Stage routines include John's take on the classic Rising Cards, Egg on Fan, Linking Rings and Miser's Dream. Close up descriptions include his routines for the Cigars from the Purse, Champagne Glass and Coins, Thimbles and his Color Changing Cards Routine. Also discussed are techniques and psychology for the Classic Pass and Card Palming.

This book is not just a book of tricks, but a comprehensive course of study in the art and psychology of sleight of hand. The book is 377 pages, hardbound with gold impression. The 262 illustrations accompanying the descriptions are sharp, clear and uniquely rendered.

What They are Saying About the Book of Secrets

"WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WORK! The thinking is just great. John is truly a man who understands magic. The tricks are presented in perspective, with the idea that they can and should develop further. The Book of Secrets is engaging reading, which manages to stimulate the student's creative thinking."
- Tommy Wonder

"This book BLOWS ME AWAY. It is full of passion...just vibrant with it. Carney has rediscovered and reinvented classic platform magic. He talks to you like a guy, a mentor, a tough-love teacher. He doesn't expect you to come to him with a 5th degree Elmsley-Aronson black belt. But he does expect you to love magic as much as he does, and be willing to earn your miracles. Carney's The Book of Secrets goes right on my shelf of classic reference books."
- Teller

"Here is a real insight into the way John thinks about magic, the way he combines past inspirations with current motivations, and the continual process of searching, trying, experimenting, and improving to find the best result. It's more than just a new format for a magic book; IT'S MADE ME THINK ABOUT MAGIC IN A NEW WAY."
- Jim Steinmeyer

"The Book of Secrets is a of the most satisfying reading experiences I have had in a very long time. This is a must-have, must-read, must re-read, top-of-the-pile, words-to-live-by, masterwork. This is one of the most inspirational books of magic I have ever read, and as serious as is its intent, it is also inescapably joyous, thanks to the author's unadulterated, unbridled, unapologetic love for his subject. The Book of Secrets is a blueprint for rich, multifaceted, sophisticated magic that will be duplicated by few, but is accompanied by a manifesto of sorts that will doubtless inspire many. Truly, this is a generous book-a work by which the author gives back a bounty to the art that has given him so much. Be thrilled and inspired by this book, and may it help you take our art to another, better place."
- Jamy Ian Swiss Light from the Lamp Genii, January 2003

"It is a book that reveals, challenges, provokes, encourages, and teases. Its one of the best magic books I've ever read, and my guess is that 26 years from now it will be referred to as one of the classics. The Book of Secrets is written from the heart. A careful study may well change your magical life. the past few years I have drifted away from being a true student of magic. John Carney has rekindled that flame. To have regained this feeling is a gift. And that's what The Book of Secrets is, it's a gift to magic and magicians. It has my highest recommendation."
- Mike Close - Marketplace, Magic, December 2002

Pages: 377 - 9" x 6" - Hardcover


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One of the best magic books ever written! Every time I pick it up I learn something new!


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