Trick by Rian Lehman
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Trick by Rian Lehman ($25.00)

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CandyMorph - magic
CandyMorph CandyMorph CandyMorph

This is our new favorite opener and we’re sure it will be yours too. Instantly establish credibility and win over audiences before you even start performing with “CandyMorph” by Rian Lehman and Victor Sanz.

There are a lot of candy magic tricks on the market.....a lot. So, why do you need another one? Allow us to explain.

Is “CandyMorph” a stunning piece of visual madness that is primed and ready to be your next viral magic video on TikTok or Instagram? Absolutely.

…But, that is just one tiny piece of the puzzle.

“CandyMorph” was designed for in-person, close-up magic and street magic performances. Every magician, from beginner magicians to professional magicians, can benefit from extra magic moments that quickly establish our credibility. Something that happens in a blink of an eye can make a huge difference in how an audience perceives your performance.

This quick, fun and visual gimmick not only checks that box, but here are three other reasons “CandyMorph” is different than other candy tricks:

  1. You’re geting two impossible transformations in one pocket-sized package. Beyond changing the type of candy, you’re also changing the physical form. A rectangle candy bar transforms into a cylindrical tube of mints. This amplifies the impossibility factor to new heights.

  2. “CandyMorph” is customizable. You’ll get multiple options in the box. It takes about 30 seconds to put one on and you’ll be ready to go. No other DIY needed.

  3. Candy gimmicks have have a bit of a reputation for being fragile, leading some magicians to be nervous about carrying them. “CandyMorph” is the complete opposite. You can fearlessly carry this super durable gimmick in your pocket anywhere you go.

You’ll receive a customizable, precision-made gimmick and video instructions offering multiple handlings. Any magician can perform “CandyMorph”. It’s as easy as holding a candy bar and resets instantly.

Grab your new favorite opener today!

IMPORTANT: Please watch the included instructions before attempting to customize or use your “CandyMorph” gimmick. The way the included customization options are adhered makes them semi-permanent. You can change them whenever you’d like. But, you won’t be able to reuse one after it’s been removed. As you’ll see though, with a little creativity, you can even make your own options.


Customer reviews for CandyMorph



Great craftsmanship! And super easy to use....



Pretty cool, and super easy to do. I found the sticker easy to put on and they supplied additional ones in case you screw up or they get worn out. I'm happy with the purchase and felt that it was worth the money.



It was a great explanation. I really loved all the ways he showed how you could perform it and some of the tips he talked about.







This was something different from candy themed tricks before. Most are a square or rectangle, changing to a larger square or rectangle. This was a flat pack of gum, changing into a cylindrical roll of mints! You can even toss the mint roll in the air to show all sides, without worry. I did have troubles with the chosen label staying on, repeated gluing will be necessary, on corners, etc. Great for super close up, kids will love it! No skill necessary, perfect for beginner magicians who need a surprise punch in their act.



Well done and a very nice "impromptu" effect!



Easy to use and I've been getting great reactions...
You could present it with other candy bar and Lifesavers Mint tricks and you've got yourself a few effects that fit in your pocket and appear in the real world and don't appear as odd out-of-place props.


Raul (Jay)

Even though the commercial showed some variations, the video only taught the basic handling. I’m all right with that, but I wish the creator could’ve shows how to do a one handed change. Overall, this effect is the greatest introduction to letting random people know I’m a magician!



Good Illusion if it is performed for an audience that is familiar with the product. Good Trick for the price.





Upon opening the box "Oh! I could have come up with that!", but I didn't. This effect is a quicky transition. Goes from a box to a roll in a flash. You can go from a roll to a box with some practice, it's why I bought 2. Would have been nice if a fake mint was included, just a minor detail that plays big. Definitely a fun, easy segway trick, good quality. People I've shown it to think it looks cool, good enough for me.



Clever idea but not particularly well made.
For a start, the stickers should have been bigger than the gimmick because it's far easier to trim them to the right size than fiddle about trying to align them to the edges.
Also, a very thin piece of soft sponge along the inside hinge would get rid of the telltale crease down the middle when it's opened up.



I agree with Derek in that it is a clever idea but the gimmick could be better, and the stickers can be troublesome. Furthermore, had I have noticed that the label read “Kit Kit” rather than Kit Kat (the actual candy name), I probably wouldn’t have purchased. Kind of like having a one winged eagle or half head on a coin to avoid copyright infringement. Guess I was spoiled by Sugar Rush, a trick where the candy’s name is left unaltered. I really don’t want to have to offer an explanation over why a candy such as Snickers is now Snackers or Snockered, should anyone notice. Then again, perhaps it opens up new patter possibilities. If an improved version is made, I’ll buy two.



This is a clever gimmick but it's definitely an opener. Any spectator that's burning your hands is going to notice how it's done, so just be sure to complete the transposition before you tell them that you're a magician. The include stickers are indeed just a little too small. The real issue is going to be routining. You show a chocolate bar or pack of gum and transform it into a roll of candies... if you then just put the candies away, what was the point of the transformation? Switching out a real roll of candies is one option, or even just have one candy hidden that you can appear to take from the gimmick.


Community questions about CandyMorph

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • William asks: Can it be reverted into its original form in the same routine or must it be reset to the rectangular form in private?

    • 1. William answers: Never mind, by watching the video closer I now realize that it can obviously be reset by the fact that he's doing the switch routine which requires both forms to be changing to the other. Dumb question.
    • 2. Fred answers: Is this suitable for a 13 year person?
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  • Sophia asks: This is probably a dumb question but is the gimmick able to be inspected by a spectator?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is not but can be switched out for a real lifesavers roll.
  • francois asks: Confirm the angle limitation. From the video it seems back is a big no and even from side, the rectangular candy shows a "B" profile.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The angles on this are 180 degrees. You don't want your audience behind you.
  • Fred asks: Is this suitable for a 13 year old? PS belongs to magic club

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absoluetly!
  • Robert asks: Noise level?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is a small click noise during the change but it can be covered with a snap of the fingers.
  • Christopher asks: Mine has what could be a blank something cover the two small things in the inside. Is this supposed to be removed or is it there to keep those things from falling out? I ask because I’m the video they aren’t covered but instead are visible.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Would you mind sending us a photo of what you're describing to We'll be able to help further.
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