Chaos Cube

Trick by Alfonso Abejuela
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Instantly solve a cube in a variety of increasingly-impossible, eye-popping ways. Easy to do! Comes with gimmicked cube.
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Chaos Cube

24.95 usd

Trick by Alfonso Abejuela (24.95)

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Chaos Cube - magic
Chaos Cube Chaos Cube Chaos Cube Chaos Cube Chaos Cube Chaos Cube

Instantly solve a cube multiple different ways with this visually-spectacular, mind-blowing routine.

In the early 1980s, Daryl introduced the world to eye-popping visual cube magic with Craig Nichols’s “Enchanted Cube”. This beloved effect was used by magicians around the globe for more than four decades, including performances on TV by magic icons like Doug Henning. Now, Alfonso Abejuela has transformed this idea into a complete multi-phase routine with “Chaos Cube”.

Building on the work of both Daryl and Craig, “Chaos Cube” allows you to perform visually stunning magic that will leave your friends convinced you’re superhuman. On top of the unique three-phase routining, Alfonso has also modified the solves and adjusted the color arrangement of the gimmick to add extra layers of deception that make this effect stronger than ever.

First, you solve the cube layer by layer. Then two layers at a time. Then you solve the entire thing at once. Each phase is more impossible and satisfying than the last.

While “Chaos Cube” looks impossible, it’s actually fairly easy to do. This practical and visual masterpiece requires no difficult sleight of hand or memory work. The only real "move" is a devious false shuffle that looks complex but is actually quite simple. You don't even need to know how to solve a cube to perform this routine (although it does make things even easier if you do.)

You receive a specially-made gimmicked cube constructed from a “RD Regular Cube”, the best handling cube for cube magic. Just follow the detailed instructions and you’ll be performing it in no time.

From your in-person performances to your social media videos, there’s no place where “Chaos Cube” doesn’t shine. It’s as fun to perform as it is for your audience to watch!

Make order from chaos. Grab your “Chaos Cube” by Alfonso Abejuela today.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


Customer reviews for Chaos Cube



Great product, easy to use, and the instructions are simple. This works well for all skill levels from beginner to amateur and professional. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a new addition with some POP to their show.



Beginner friendly.
If you watch the tutorial before you receive the cube, you should be able to perform right out of the box.
I recommend picking up an additional RD cube to practice the false shuffles on if you are a beginner.

The cube is a standard RD Cube with a secret modification to it to allow for some visual and impressive insta solves.

Can be a little angle-sensitive, so one should be mindful of its handling.

If you know what your are doing, can be pared with Rubicon and the Harris Cube in bottle.

Tutorial is near 40 mins long and covers enough material to get you started. Decent quality video and quality instructions.
Once purchased you will also find building your own cube is not a difficult feat.

This is perfect for anyone who is either new to cube magic, or wants to add an impressive cube effect into their shows without having to spend months learning solves.


Laura Bautista

Be very careful with the angles! That's what would mostly alert those who want to buy this trick. It is perfect for social networks or virtual shows, even for stage or parlor, but I would not recommend it for close-up or in any circumstance in which the spectator could potentially ask you to let them see the cube. The moment it falls into their hands, you are lost. There is no reset possible and it will really leave you sold. For the rest, it is super attractive and apparent. The quality is perfect and the instructions are sufficient.



Nicely made cube with a great dvd and instruction. The video goes into detail and provides different routines etc. My main concern with this trick is that it is very very angle sensitive and will have limited application in terms of setting. Angles are addressed in the video but truthfully this is very angle sensitive. I have shown this to a few people and they are fooled by it but it's more in a setting where I can control angles. It's great for social media though


Community questions about Chaos Cube

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  • Andy asks: Can this cube be inspected and/or tried to solve by a spectator?

    • 1. Bruce answers: Same question
    • 2. Kyle answers: No. The cube can only be handled by the performer or a stooge. As it modification to the cube will be discovered very quickly.
    • 3. answers: No, and there is no need to, if you perform the whole routine :)
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  • Robert asks: Can this cube be handed out after the solve?

    • 1. Kyle answers: No. The cube can only be handled by the performer or a stooge. As it modification to the cube will be discovered very quickly.
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  • Dylan asks: Is it possible to use this cube in other effects, such as a regular RD cube, or is this a theoretical "one trick pony" where the cube can only be used for the included routines?

    • 1. Kyle answers: Kind of a one-trick pony, but if you set it up correctly you can use it with rubicon and or cube in bottle (Not the cube in bottle project). Using it in a routine like Rubicon may force one to know how to solve the cube later. Also, be advised that if you know how to solve a regular cube. This cube may be a lot harder to set back to original position.
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  • Omar asks: Is it recommended for someone who has never solved a cube?

    • 1. answers: YES! Alfonso also teaches how you can "fix" it in case you mess it up, without knowing how to solve a cube. I also had a similar gimmick as my first rubik's trick more than a decade ago, and this is a well improved version, with a routine that you can just pick the effects as you build it. I wish i had this when i was starting.
    • 2. Kyle answers: Yes. The cube is really easy to use and very beginner-friendly. The project teaches a few false shuffles that won't take too much time to learn, but it can be daunting at first. I recommend getting a second RD cube to practice the shuffles on so you don't accidentally mix up the Chaos Cube. For practice of the shuffles, I recommend going through the false shuffle sequence about 30 times. Each time you shuffle it, you will start remembering each part and eventually, it will fall into muscle memory. When I work on them I try and run through the sequences 16 times a day.
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  • Jan Britten asks: I have a "Regular RD Cube". But it is tiny: only 2 & 1/2 inches square. Will the Chaos Cube be as big as is shown in the trailer, or as small as mine? (Hopefully the former, and not the latter).

    • 1. Johnny answers: They don’t mean the mini cubes that come with Rubik’s Dream sets, but instead the full sized cubes. These ones:
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  • Micheal asks: Can it be examined?

    • 1. Kyle answers: No. The cube can only be handled by the performer or a stooge. As the modifications to the cube will be discovered very quickly.
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  • Glen asks: Is there DIY?

    • 1. Kyle answers: No. The cube comes ready to go. If you watch the tutorial before the product arrives, you can pretty much perform it right out of the box. I recommend getting another either RD cube or a speed cube off amazon so you can run through the false shuffles before you handle the real cube.
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  • TDog asks: How is this different to RD Insta?

    • 1. Kyle answers: Not entirely sure how to answer without giving away method. But the price first of all. There is nothing added to the chaos cube. And technically, once you know the method of the Chaos Cube you can build your own fairly easily. No adding, removing, or covering parts of the cube to perform. If that makes sense.
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  • Amy asks: Is the gimmick built into the cube, or can the gimmick be removed from the cube so it functions like a normal RD Regular cube?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is built into the cube
  • Simone asks: is there a way to solve the cube if i mix it by mistake?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Alfonso also teaches how you can "fix" it in case you mess it up
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