Close-Up Bag

Trick by TCC Playing Card Co.
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Close-Up Bag

29.95 usd

Trick by TCC Playing Card Co. (29.95)

In stock.

Quit carrying your close-up props all jumbled together in a mess. It's time to give your props the care they deserve and your show that professional touch of being fumble-free with the Close-Up Bag from TCC!

This bag is made of waterproof fabric to protect you props and comes with adjustable partitions so you can customize the case for your unique show. The partitions are even sponge coated to further protect those valuable props.

It's time to upgrade your game with a simple touch that will speak volumes about your professionalism. Get your Close-Up Bag today!


Customer reviews for Close-Up Bag



TCC does it again. This is a great small close up bag. The removable dividers let you divvy it up however you like. I have one just for cards and another for various close up props.



Loved my first one so much I bought 2. Now both of my shows have organized homes. The modular nature is amazing.



Yes. This is exactly what I was looking for. As soon as this arrived I loaded it up with all my "go to" effects. It fit everything and I still had room for back up tricks I don't perform that often. The fact that it is modular makes it completely worth it. I kicked around the idea of converting an old small suitcase myself and I'm really glad I didn't. Buying this was the better choice. The ONLY thing I don't like is that the pocket on the inside isn't as large as the bag, it's like half the size. So if you have like a book test and you want use the pocket. It's a tight fit.



Nice, a really nice bag, very elegant, of excellent quality
and an excellent modular system which you can organize
any interior space as you need.
TCC has created a real gem for carrying magic tricks and playing cards.
I am very happy and satisfied with this bag that I will buy another soon .......
I take this opportunity to thank all the Vanishing staff,
a staff that is always available and friendly for any doubt, information
or problem you have about their items.



Tcc have come up with a great close up bag here it is modular with four big dividers and five small dividers and also you have the option of using the carrying handle or the shoulder strap that is provided and is made out of sturdy material, and once again with super fast delivery highly recommended.



This close up bag is beautiful!!! Looks so professional and is so well made! Definitely recommend this bag. It can hold many of your props for when you're doing any type of show. I'm currently working on a busking show so will be using this bag for that.
One small thing - when I got the bag, some of the separators weren't attached properly and left dents in the foam. Not a big deal, but would have preferred if the separators came unassembled. Other than that, perfect and well worth the money. (Actually worth more than that)



When I got this close up case I was in love with it. I love the removable dividers so I can set it up any way that I need for any show.



This is a great product. The quality of the material is great and seems water resistant. Lots of space for all your close-up effects and can be configured to your own liking. Its a practical size and not too large to carry around. Comes with an nice and functional carrying strap. The TCC products are great, they seem to have good quality control. And most importantly the zip looks like good quality. The bag is useless of the zip breaks, but no issues here.



I really like this case! It holds a great deal and is very flexible in its design. I am surprised by how much it holds! For me, it is just the right size; not too big to get in the way, and not too small that it doesn't hold enough. If you want something in-obtuse but holds a great deal, this is it.


Erick Arias

This bag is amazing! The materials are great, and once I filled it with my stuff it looks really pro!



I bought the canvas type close up bag for my son , what a brilliant product the quality is excellent. Well done TCC and Vanishing Inc .



The TCC Close-up Bag is great! I've been using a larger hard case but wanted something lighter and smaller because I generally stick to cards, coins, three shell game and maybe some mentalist stuff. This almost fits everything I would put in my large case minus a wineglass. I could likely make that fit too but I wouldn't want to risk breaking it. The dividers give a lot of flexibility for different props. I can also fit a TCC Mini Suede Hard Backed Close-up pad or a small folding Pattrick's Mat in the bag.



This is a good beginner close up bag. I should have splurged and purchased the deluxe, but have no regrets regarding this bag.

This is a softshell bag and will be susceptible to heavier dents and dings in a suitcase. However this drawback can be fixed with proper packing. Also, the dividers will maneuver their way upward and allow for flat small objects to slide underneath into other compartments (coins, singular cards laying flat). This is can be expected based on the softshell composition.

Overall, you can't go wrong with this bag. Recommended for the newbie up through the table hopper. I recommend a slightly nicer bag when moving onto corporate events, but will still pass the professional status bar.

I am happy with my purchase!


Community questions about Close-Up Bag

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  • Anthony asks: What are the interior dimensions?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Approximately 9.5" x 13"
  • Michael asks: Can you take a better photo?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sorry, these six photos are the ones approved by the manufacturer.
    • 2. Steven answers: There is only one photo.
    • 3. Aaron answers: It seems on mobile version you can only see one picture however on desktop version you can see all 6.
    • 4. Tod answers: Steven, look again. There are 6 photos under the 1 large one. This is nothing new.
    • 5. Jeffrey answers: Sadly, he's right. There is only one picture, and you can't even enlarge it.
  • Phil asks: Despite you insistence, only one photo is visible to me, also.

    • 1. Jeff answers: The case has a handle for carrying and a should strap that can be attached so it can be worn.
    • 2. Jeff answers: Shoulder strap
    • 3. Blake answers: I only see one too. Is it worn or carried?
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  • Bruce asks: How deep is it?

    • 1. Dottore answers: The bag is about 10.0 x 13.5 x 3.5 inches.
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  • Alex asks: When Will this close up bag arrive?

    • 1. Vernon answers: You should get an email with the tracking information.
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  • Vernon asks: What are the differences between the Close-Up Bag by TCC and the Luxury Close-Up Bag by TCC?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The Luxury bag is the same size but better quality (made of vegan leather), whereas the regular version is made of a different kind of fabric, but it is still waterproof.
  • Scott asks: Can one purchase extra dividers for the bag?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately, we don't have extra dividers for sale.
  • Tim asks: What's the difference between this and the "luxury" close up bag?

    • 1. Tim answers: Ooops - didn't see the reply above!
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