Collusion Complete Set

Trick by Mechanic Industries Ltd
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Collusion Complete Set

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Trick by Mechanic Industries Ltd (95.00)

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Collusion Complete Set - magic
Collusion Complete Set Collusion Complete Set Collusion Complete Set Collusion Complete Set Collusion Complete Set Collusion Complete Set

Jewellery set that impossibly melds the gap between coin & ring magic

Collusion is a 4-piece ensemble, cast in high-carbon stainless steel and finished with a dark, ebony inlay. Precision design and engineering create extra grip, superior handling and a showroom finish. Collusion melds together coin and ring magic like never before with built-in audience participation. A wearable magic set that's ready to perform anytime, anywhere.

  • 1 x Ring Size
  • 1 x Morph gimmick
  • 1 x Full dollar coin
  • 1 x Chain necklace
  • 1 x Swag bag
  • 1 x Tutorial
  • Check size guide before ordering

The ultimate ring for magic, upgraded and re-engineered for optimum performance

You now get the benefit of extra coin style grip in all of your sleights and flourishes thanks to the double-sided edge milling. It matches the coin exactly and even has perfect detailing on the inside. Now you can perform seamless spellbound type routines - transforming the ring into the coin and beyond! It really looks like the coin gets turned inside out, they match down to the very last detail.

Ring available in S/M/L.

Collusion Grinder Coin

Based on our full dollar Grinder Coin, it's been remodeled to match the ring and morph object and has a more fluid feel. Cast in High-Carbon stainless steel and finished with dark ebony inlay, the added shine makes your productions pop and showcases your sleights in the best possible light. An integral part of the set that's a familiar tool for magicians.

New 'Morph' utility gimmick

We love ring and coin style routines, but previously you've only been able to change the coin into the ring and vice versa. We wondered what that mid-transition phase would look like... what would happen if your audiences could stretch and pull the ring out of the coin? We've captured this magical moment and created an insane new utility that opens the doors for new sleights, combos and routines with audience participation built into the design.

Rope Chain

This chain was carefully designed to mimic a normal rope used in rope and ring effects. 70cm in length, it fits over your head for ease of access. This allows you to extend your coin / ring / morph routine to include a rope and ring phase and perform your favorite tricks. Use it to carry your ring or morph object wherever you go. A functional and stylish addition that completes the set.

Video Tutorial

We don't just go over the usual ring and coin work, we focus on new sleight combos and new routines. We teach some singular ring magic, some combo ring & coin magic, ring and rope techniques, as well as some classics.

The morph phase is a new concept and the doors have been flung open. We're finding so many cool things you can do with it. It's been specifically designed to have various deceptive techniques but can be used in a multitude of ways. We go over everything to get you performing this right away.

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Customer reviews for Collusion Complete Set



I RARELY Purchase others effects. BUT the possibilities I saw from JUST the trailer, I KNEW I had to have a set.
And guess what?
I was right.
So well made, seriously you drop this gimmick over and over (ahem) and it will still look the same, shiny, brilliant and oh so durable.
Now to get the best possible use out of this you will need to know some basic sleights and concealments. But be encouraged as the gimmick is made to fit in your hand PERFECTLY.
So yea, go and support this.
I also LOVE that it comes with a necklace so you can put the ring on it and



Great product , I already dropped the coin, ring and collusion gimmick by practicing several routines and they look perfectly fine , so yes they are very well made .

Difficulty level on this really depends , the routines included with the product are medium to advanced but you can come up with your own handling if you are new to coin magic.

Also you can join the Facebook group were people that got this set are sharing their own ideas and routines.

Worth the money ? Yes 100% , the set is very well made and will last you years to come.


Community questions about Collusion Complete Set

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • William asks: What is the skill level required.

    • 1. James answers: Medium.
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  • Patrik asks: Uhm, where is the size guide?

    • 1. Tony answers: When you click the add to cart button, it's there. But, Just so it's here as well. ?? Large - 24mm Interior Diameter Medium - 22mm Interior Diameter Small - 20mm Interior Diameter
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  • Darrin asks: The video of the routine shows 2 rings will I need a second set to do all the routines

    • 1. Tony answers: From Mechanic Industries LTD If you have the full set, getting a dupe ring opens up more sleight combos and routine possibilities.
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  • Greg asks: Are there suggestions as to which finger to wear this ring on? How do the millimeters convert to numerical ring size. Should you get a ring that is bigger than yours normal ring size to do some of the slip on effects?

    • 1. Tony answers: From Mechanic Industries LTD We suggest choosing a size that easily slides over the knuckle of your index finger. The best fit for use in magic performance is a size that can be worn on your thumb or middle finger
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  • Vernon asks: It would be nice to combine this with Ninja+. How close do the two rings match?

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