Cube Vision 1-1-6

Trick by Tejinaya
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Cube Vision 1-1-6

29.95 usd

Trick by Tejinaya (29.95)

In stock - very few available.
Cube Vision 1-1-6 - magic
Cube Vision 1-1-6 Cube Vision 1-1-6 Cube Vision 1-1-6 Cube Vision 1-1-6 Cube Vision 1-1-6


The performer picks up a regular puzzle cube and a small one as well. He also takes out a box where the small puzzle cube fits perfectly. First, the performer turns his back so he does not see what follows. A spectator is asked to place the small cube in the box with the side showing their favorite color on the top, and to then put on the lid. When this has been done, the performer turns back to face the spectator. He guesses what color is on the top in the box, and also mixes up a regular cube in hands. Then, when the performer shakes the cube, instantly one side of the cube is shown to be all one color.

Upon opening the box, the small cube is shown to have exactly the same color that the performer aligned with the regular cube.

The second time, the spectator places the small cube into their hands instead of inside the box. Then, when the performer shakes the regular cube, one side of the cube gets aligned with the same color again. The spectator is asked whether that color is same as the one held in their hands. The spectator says "No!" The performer mixes up the regular cube. Then by saying, "I'd like the color of each side to be the same as the one in your hands," the performer shakes the cube and, instantly, all sides of the cube are aligned with the same color.

The product comes with a small cube, special box, and video download instructions.

Regular cube is not included. Please purchase the regular puzzle cube separately.


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  • Carole asks: Does this come with instructions in English?

    • 1. Dottore answers: The instruction have a voiceover done by a native English speaker.
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